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Pay Off the Holidays Event – 3 Visa Gift Cards to be Won

Welcome to the Happy Holidays Event!

The holidays tend to be an expensive time of the year.  This Holiday Event is designed to help three (3) people pay off their holiday expenses.  What a wonderful way to start the New Year!

This event is hosted by Dixieland Reviews and co-hosted by: Imperfect Women, Finger Click Saver, Joyful Gifts by Julie, Mom n’ Daughter Savings and Mom to Grandma. This event is sponsored by We Love Travel Deals and partially sponsored by fees collected from the participating bloggers for this event!

GRAND PRIZE: $1500 Visa Gift Card

FIRST PRIZE: $1000 Visa Gift Card

SECOND PRIZE: $500 Visa Gift Card

This giveaway is open to residents of the US and Canada, void where prohibited by law. Winners will be announced on our winners page once they’ve responded to the email notification. The participating bloggers are not responsible for the shipment of prizes. All prizes will be sent from Sponsors. All winning entries will be verified, if the task associated with the winning entry was not completed, you will be disqualified. Please direct any questions to This event begins December 21st, 2015 at 11:59 pm Eastern Standard Time and ends on January 5th, 2016 at 11:15 pm Eastern Standard Time.

Entry is simple! The only mandatory entry is the very first one on the main giveaway tool form! The more optional tasks you complete, the better your chance of winning! This event is in no way associated with Facebook or any other social media site.

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  1. My favourite Thanksgiving memory was when all the family was together for dinner. It was so nice because a lot of our relatives were there too.

  2. My favorite Thanksgiving memory is going to Virginia Beach from my home in South Carolina to spend Thanksgiving with my cousins.

  3. My favorite Thanksgiving memory was when my oldest daughter decided to cook the meal, at her house, for the first time. She didn’t want any help from anyone. Needless to say, she left the bagged innards inside. She now does Thanksgiving like a pro.

  4. The link to vote for at Picket Fence is going to 502 Bad Gateway.

  5. My favorite memory is seeing my father try to play guitar hero with my daughter

  6. My favorite memory is eating with the family and watching football and falling asleep on the couch

  7. My favorite Thanksgiving memory is when my brother was working in Iraq and Pakistan and made it home in time for a huge family celebration!!

  8. My favorite Thanksgiving memory is having lots of company over and using the real silver and china.

  9. my Mom in the kitchen cooking dinner ,then my Grandparents ,Aunts and Uncles coming over, then watching football all afternoon

  10. My favorite Thanksgiving memory is when I was about 7 years old. It was the first year we spent without my grandparents and my mom and aunt had never made a turkey before. They didn’t know it needed to be thawed out so we didn’t eat till 10pm! My aunt, a sewer, had made all the women long skirts out of a thick “quilt” material. I recall my cousin, who is 2 months older than me, and I have a giggle fit as we were so tired. We have a photo of the two us laughing. Good memories as she and I aren’t close anymore.

  11. My favorite Thanksgiving memory involves my great aunt, Moster and peeling potatoes with her for the dinner.

  12. Favorite thanksgiving memory aside from being able to celebrate with family is driving to Ohio with friends to spend time with her family. So much fun!

  13. I don’t really have a favorite Thanksgiving memory. Just having all the family together is memory enough.

  14. The last Thanksgiving with my best friend before she passed was the best.

  15. My aunts 7 layer salad and my uncle buttermilk pheasant!

  16. my favorite thanksgiving memory is of my hubby. brother, and step dad gearing up thanksgiving morning and goin hunting. my brother and step dad passed away 9 years ago. 10 months apart. they are missed by all.

  17. My favorite memory is of when the kids were little. They made all of the holidays much more fun and magical.

  18. i dont think i have a favorite thanksgiving memory.they’re pretty much the same.have a great meal with my family then a short time later everyone dozes off

  19. My favorite memory is playing board games after dinner.

  20. I believe in you Santa. Please bring me Luck

  21. I remember travelling to all my aunts and uncles homes to visit them. THEN we would eat more Turkey!

  22. A Favorite Thanksgiving memory of mine is when we were really little and my brother & sisters and I would go to our grandparents house. All the relatives would be there and there would be a big meal 🙂

  23. All are favorite memories of family and extended family getting together

  24. My favorite Thanksgiving memory is when I was about 8 years old or so. It was the first Thanksgiving without my grandma so my mom and aunt had to cook a turkey by themselves, not realizing they had to thaw it first. As a result, we didn’t eat till 10pm at night! My cousin, who is 2 months older than me, and I had a fit of giggles and wearing matching long, quilt skirts as were my mom and aunt…ones that my aunt had made. Good memories!

  25. Thanksgiving 2014 was the best. My Grandma (who raised me) was dying of lung cancer (she passed a month later) so me and my sister cooked the dinner and we got all 4 generations under one roof for the first time ever. My Grandma, my dad, my siblings, myself, and all our kids put aside our differences and came together for Grandma and we got pictures. She was in so much pain, but I think it was the happiest I’d ever seen her!

  26. My favorite Thanksgiving memory is my daughters 1st Thanksgiving. She was so cute trying to eat all the food.

  27. Thanks and happy holidays! (fingers crossed)

  28. We spent Thanksgiving in a hotel on Broadway in New York. We watched the Macy’s parade from our room

  29. best thanksgiving memory was when i was a little girl ,and we all use to travel from nc to tennessee ,to spend thanksgiving at my gramdmothers home which was so country and we had the best food and church and just lots of love

  30. My favorite Thanksgiving memory is of the first one on of first home, we didn’t have much but it was wonderful.

  31. My favorite Thanksgiving memory was when I drove to New York state, a few hours away, to spend the day with my sister and her family, and was snowed in due to a huge storm! My kiddo’s and I didn’t plan on staying, but ended up being there for three days! We actually had a lot of fun and we all really bonded over bunking and being “stuck” together in their small home! It is a holiday I will never forget!

  32. My favorite Thanksgiving memory would have to be the year both of my children were away at school and informed me they were unable to come home for the holiday. It would have been my first Thanksgiving without them. In the end they both surprised me by showing up the day before our Thanksgiving dinner. 😀

  33. My favorite Thanksgiving memory was in 1998 when my whole family was together before losing my husband and daughter.

  34. My favorite memories are just having the time together with my family!

  35. My favorite Thanksgiving memory is when we first introduced out baby daughter to the family! Everyone kidded that we brought the turkey!

  36. My favorite memory might be this year when I made my FIRST turkey ALL BY MYSELF! I cooked it in a cooking bag and it was so tender and cooked fast. So proud!

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