Oct 042012
Packaway Dorm boxes

Did you ever wish you had a box that folded for storage purposes?  That is durable?  That will fit more than just a few things?  That needs no tape to hold them together?  That is water resistant?  If the answer is yes, then you may find yourself liking Packaways Dorm Boxes. Designed for college students, these boxes are available in different sizes including moving box size and under the bed storage size.  They come in four different colors – missing in the picture below is the opaque clear box.

Perfect for the college student

Each box has handles – which makes it extremely easy to carry them.  Each box has a space where you can label what the contents contain.  If you want to relabel the box – simply wipe off the old writing and put on new.  They are made from polypropylene and a heavy duty corrugated cardboard.  The company states they should last the 4 years of moving your college students to and from school.  I would have to agree with that statement.  They are thick, yet lightweight, and they display a coating where one could easily wipe the box clean if need be, inside and out.

Opening and folding the boxes are a breeze.  I did have one issue with one of the boxes I was sent where it didn’t fold together right.  Had I played around with it, I believe that I could have made it work correctly, as it appeared as though the box wasn’t cut correctly.  I think shaving one end down on the bottom tab just a tad bit with a utility knife would have worked.

Truly the beauty of these boxes is that they open and close so easily.  This makes them very easy to store.  One could place them behind the top of their headboard, under their bed or in the back of a closet.  I also see these being able to be used for more than just moving kids to and from college.  They could be used as a hamper, to store extra clothing while at school.  They stack nicely so blankets and other items could be stored in them as well.

I also see it as these Packaways Dorm Boxes having other uses for the every day person where they are a foldable reusable box.  I often times need to carry items to and from our shed.  I could easily put several items in one of these and carry it to and from the shed.  Depending on your vehicle – you could put these in the back of your trunk and place grocery bags in them and carry several bags in at once without having your fingers feel like they are going to fall off.  Then simply fold it flat if you need the trunk space for other things and lie the box on the bottom of the trunk.

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Tomoson.com. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

Update 10/22/12 – I had contacted the company regarding my issue with one of the boxes not folding together correctly.  In a return email that came later than the original post, the Rep. suggested:  “try folding back and forth on each fold line and then assemble.”  It was too late for me to try her suggestion, as I decided I was going to fix the issue myself (which I did, by doing what I stated above) as I wanted to put the box to use.  I am a happy camper now.  This box holds a lot and I use it to take things to and from my shed.  When it’s not in use, I simply fold it and put it away in the house.

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