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Ozeri OZH1 Dual Zone Oscillating Heater with Remote Review

It’s wintertime and it’s cold in the Northeast.  It gets colder the further north you go.  Not all homes are blessed to have a heating system that fits the bill to heat the entire home, ours included.

We had a space heater – a nice space heater and when we went to use it this winter – it kept blowing fuses.  Yes, that made us a bit ugly, as the heater hadn’t been used but one winter and we couldn’t understand why it was blowing fuses this winter.  Regardless, the heater was deemed unsafe as far as we were concerned and went in the trash .

Simultaneously as that was happening, Ozeri had approached us to review a couple of their products – one being the Ozeri OZH1 Dual Zone Oscillating Heater with Remote.  The timing couldn’t have been more perfect!  It arrived packaged all tight with the box being in excellent shape.  It was a matter of putting the heater into the stand and the batteries into the remote to get the space heater up and running – extremely easy on all accounts!

Protective layer of film not removed from the panel in this photo.

The perks as described by Ozeri:

  • Dual zone Oscillating ceramic heater and Tower fan engineered to provide rapid heat on a wintry night, and non-heated airflow for relief on a hot summer day, with a programmable 12-hour timer
  • Ultra thin space-saving design enhances room decor and features a touch button LED display, an extended range remote control Unit, and an elegant sturdy glass base that reduces accidental tip-over
  • Dual PTC* ceramic heating systems allow for 2 independently controllable heating zones with 2 speeds each for rapid heat distribution at 800 W (low) and 1500W (high), with overheat protection
  • Intelligent thermostat adjusts heat output according to the ambient temperature and automatically turns off when the selected temperature is Reached
  • Utilizes a new whisper quiet DC motor that transports warming and cooling air with the lowest possible noise coefficient, and includes dismountable dustproof filters for easy cleaning
  • The cord is approximately 3′ long.  (Remember – using an extension cord is not recommended with heaters and I’m sure the reason for the shorter cord length is to prevent someone tripping over the unit)

*PTC (Positive Temperature Coeffient) as defined by wikipedia: PTC ceramic elements: PTC ceramic material is named for its positive thermal coefficient of resistance (i.e., resistance increases upon heating). Most ceramics have a negative coefficient, whereas most metals have positive values

What this means to you:

  • The PTC heating elements are safer as they cool down quickly to avoid overheating.
  • They are longer lasting because they only generate the heat necessary to fulfill its pre-programed goal. Limiting overheating – means less chance for it to burn out.

Our Take

We love this space heater!  The heater is modern and sleek in design.  It takes up very little space – something we need as our rooms aren’t that large.  The control panel is easy to use.  Everything is spelled out and is easy to see (no the panel isn’t as cloudy as this image shows – this image contains the protective covering – don’t forget to peel that off). The swivel design is nice in regards that the heat can be dispersed in three directions rather than just one. The heater has dual (top and bottom) filters that are easily removable for cleaning.

Before the heater could be tested out in our main living area – the teen stole it for her room.  Her room is always on the cold side, so I gave her the honor of putting the unit to the test.  Her room is 10×12.  The Ozeri, set at 71 degrees, made the room overwhelmingly warm in my opinion.  Every time I opened the door to her room – I asked her how she could even breathe in there.  That is how well this space heater performs.

Then a week or so ago in the middle of the night the blower to the main heater to our home decided to scream like it was in intense labor.  We had to shut the furnace completely down by the emergency switch.  Being a cold night of near 0º outside, and refusing to pay what the heating company wanted for an emergency call, I pulled the Ozeri OZH1 Dual Zone Oscillating Heater out of my daughter’s room to bring to the main room of the house – approximately 400 sf of space.  I set it at 72 degrees on swivel to help maintain keeping the area from getting too cold.  The Ozeri maintained the temperature in that room at 62 degrees.  I didn’t expect the heater to keep the temp at 72° because the area has a high ceiling and is very open.  I was however impressed that the area was maintained at 62º.

The only con we found was that the cooling fan isn’t your traditional move the air/feel the air move type of fan.  You’re not going to feel air blowing out on you.

The Ozeri OZH1 Dual Zone Oscillating Heater with Remote can be purchased on

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  1. My mom has this heater (she’s ALWAYS cold!) and loves it! Takes up very little space, too. : )

  2. I use heaters like this every Winter. They really help cut those heating bills!

  3. We need a new heater! This one looks amazing!

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