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OnePiece Review

The Original Norwegian OnePiece Review

Designed for pure comfort.  Designed for lazy days. Designed with nothing to cut into the waist.  Designed with lots of room to move around.  Designed with a hood.  Designed of comfy soft cottony fleece fabric.  Designed with one heavyweight bi-directional zipper in the front.  Designed with two front pockets big enough to stash a cell phone or iPod.   Designed with deep side pockets with zippers.  Designed in two different weights of material.  Designed by three young Norwegian gentleman on an early Sunday morning.  Never did these three young men imagine that their 2007 vision of this leisurewear becoming so popular!

Okay – I have to admit that when I was given the opportunity to apply to review the OnePiece – I sort of was like – um, this has to be a baby/toddler product.  I almost didn’t even take a look at the website to see what it was; thus I would have missed out on reviewing this incredible product.  That said, once I checked out the OnePiece website – I knew my daughter would love it.  So I called her to my workspace and showed her what it was.  She was all over me applying to review the OnePiece.

She chose the Original Purple Onesie in the normal weight fabric choice.  I placed the order – easy peasy.  I got notification of the purchase and the next thing I knew I was getting a notification that it had been shipped via UPS.  Considering this all took place the week before Christmas, I surely didn’t expect the OnePiece to arrive before New Year’s; however – much to my amazement it came the day after Christmas.  Now that’s fast service.

As soon as the package arrived my girlfriend tried the OnePiece on straight away.  I could see that she was a bit disappointed, as it was a bit big.  I told her if she weren’t happy with it we could return it and get the next size down.  Now the way these are sized – which is by height – left me a bit unsure which way to order.  She stands 5’4″ tall, weights 128lbs, and hates anything tight.  Technically, given the height of my daughter, I could have ordered her an XS.  I didn’t feel comfortable with that choice.  The small would have worked too. But in asking her if she’d rather have it tighter to her body or on the looser side, she said looser, so I ordered her the medium.

Once in hand though, I thought, that maybe I should have ordered the next size down – the crotch hung nearly to her knees and the arm length was way too long.  So I asked some blogger friends if they had washed theirs yet – and found that some had and it had shrunk a bit for them.  Knowing that, and knowing how hot water and the hot heat of the dryer would shrink it – we made the decision to keep the OnePiece I ordered.

Like the hood? She is infatuated with it! This picture shows the OnePiece before it was washed.

My girlfriend is glad that we made that choice now as well.  Washing it in the hottest water cycle the washing machine has and drying it on high heat – shrunk the OnePiece enough so that the arm length is now perfect in her eyes as well as where the crotch now hangs.  You can see the difference in the photos of how there was shrinkage in the legs and the arms – a  lot of the bunching has disappeared.  The color stayed the same after washing it.  The reason you see what appears to be two different colors – was the lighting in the room (same with the last picture).

Yay! Hood is gone – we can see that beautiful face. This pic was taken after the OnePiece was washed.

Now my girlfriend is truly quite elated with the fact that we didn’t return the medium for a smaller size.  She hates anything that fits too snug on her body and after washing it – she found herself to be in heaven.  She told me on day two of wearing it; “I could live in this!”

She actually decided to clean out a cabinet in her room and you can see how she had plenty of room where the OnePiece didn’t look as though as it was tight anywhere.

All in all, this is a wonderful product for those who want comfort.  The normal weight OnePiece (the one she’s wearing) will keep you warm.  She commented how she wasn’t cold in her room – which she often finds herself feeling chilly.  She helped me shovel the driveway – she said she wasn’t cold at all.  Now – me – I had on sweatpants and my legs were frozen.  She then went to the grocery store with me and had the OnePiece on.  Not long after being in the store, she told me that she was roasting to death.  The next place she wants to wear it – is school.  She will be the envy of many kids.

There’s no doubt in my mind that this article of clothing won’t last a good long time…seriously.  The fabric is a great quality fabric and the zippers are heavy duty.  There’s plenty room for her to finish growing into it.

The OnePiece comes in a variety of colors and patterns.  In addition to women’s and men’s sizes, one can purchase them in baby and kid sizes.  There’s even a OnePiece for your canine furry friend!.  If you’d prefer a shorter OnePiece – they have those too.  They also have a line of clothing you may want to check out. Be very weary of those who are imitating the Original Norwegian OnePiece.  It will not have the quality that you deserve or expect.

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What are your thoughts?  Are you ready to ‘jump in’ into the OnePiece  soon?  Visit the OnePiece website – you’ll be amazed at all they have to offer.  Go to their Pinterest page – you can see what celebrities are wearing!

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  1. Looks very comfy! I love that it’s designed with lots of room to move around.

  2. I love it!. Looks very comfy..

  3. My friend has this!

  4. Sounds so comfy! I love this! Anything fleece is great in my book!

  5. thats cool

  6. very comfy

  7. Comfy and practical together!

    • It really is a nice piece of clothing. I am very impressed with how it’s washed so well. It’s been washed twice and there is no pilling of the material – unlike a fleece sweatshirt I bought for my daughter for Xmas – washed it once and it looks like crap!

  8. This looks very comfortable, I don’t think that I would wear it though…

    • I’m with you Shannon – I wouldn’t wear it either. It’s too much work to get in and out of it to go to the bathroom – which it seems like I go more than the average person (probably from drinking way too much coffee).

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