Aug 072012

I’m sure you’ve discovered that online surveying is huge these days.  Have you ever wondered how one goes about creating a professional looking survey?  The answer is simple – implement the help of an online survey design site.  An online survey design site will provide you with all the necessary tools to create the survey you envision; saving you a lot of money and time.

There are hundreds of reasons why one would want to implement a survey.  That said, one of the most effective tools a company could offer to their employees are employee satisfaction surveys. You’ve heard of the old adage – “two minds are better than one” – well, just think if you had input from 50 minds, 100 minds, 200 minds?  If employees are satisfied, the company will do much better overall.  And frankly – there would be no company if there weren’t any employees.

Qualtrics, an online survey design site, is dedicated in providing the tools necessary right at your fingertips.  You don’t have to have a Ph.D. to use their platform.  They’ve simplified the process; however in the event you find yourself in need of help – go ahead and ask.  They’re committed to help you with whatever the need may be.

Qualtrics offers a free version of their platform, which enables one to have one active survey with up to fifty total responses.  A credit card is not required, there’s no expiration date, and you’ll have instant access.

In addition, all these features are made available for FREE:

  • Easy survey design
  • Embed graphics & videos
  • Customize survey templates
  • Use skip & display logic
  • Add branching & quotas
  • Create polls & pop-ups
  • Collect survey data
  • Track completion metrics
  • Get real-time results
  • Create sharable online reports
  • Download data to SPSS & Excel
  • Export reports to PPT, Word, & PDF
  • Perform cross-tabulation
  • Access live training
  • Use the Qualtrics University

Should the need be that you are in need of more than what the free version offers – simply ask for a quote.  This online survey design site has been made easy for you.

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