May 112016

Online Service Help Can Be a Customer’s Best Friend

For sure, we prefer to use the customer online service help. Though that doesn’t hold true for a lot of individuals.

Even though there are those individuals that still enjoy using old-fashioned methods with which to find the information they need, more and more consumers have turned to the Internet over the last number of years.

With that being the case, has your business made sure it is not only on the worldwide web, but also savvy when it comes to best putting the Internet to use for your brand?

From content marketing pieces to manuals to white papers and so much more, your ability to give consumers what they want on the Internet is critical.

Provide them with the products and services they desire and hit a home run. Fall short of those goals and watch them go elsewhere.

That said now is the time to see how online service help can be a customer’s best friend.

Being Internet Savvy is Requirement in Today’s World

So that your brand can take advantage of all the Internet has to offer, look to see if you are doing the following:

  • Running a clean and informative website – As mentioned earlier, your website can be such a valuable resource tool for consumers each and every day of the year. Whether you post service manuals or other informative information and data, be the website in your industry that sets itself apart from the competition. While the information you post there is crucial, so too is making sure your site is as easy to download as possible. If you pages where errors pop up (bad links, images that do not correlate with copy, missing information etc. you stand to suffer the fallout from that, typically by way of consumers not coming back to your site. Face it; consumers do not want to spend time on a website that looks like a third-grader put it together. Be sure to analyze it regularly and fix any gaffes as soon as possible. Finally, if money (notably your tech budget) has been tight up to now, look at what you may be getting (in this case, not getting) in not having reliable I.T. folks on hand. You’d be wise to spend the funds necessary to put together a first-rate website, a site that will ultimately bring you more business and provide a solid return on investment (ROI) when all is said and done. Sure, saving money is on the minds of many these days, but so too is making it. As a business owner, you of course know that you need to spend some money to make some money;
  • Marketing your blog content – For many of the business websites out there, you will find a section known simply as the blog. As simple a title as it may be, it can prove to be one of the most important ones on your site. Your blog can be a great content resource for both your marketing and advertising needs. The key to a well-run blog is making sure it has authoritative content, the content is fresh and not stale, and the content is regularly promoted on the various social media sites. Not only is this good for your public image, but it will also help you move up the Google search engine rankings. When that happens, your website is more likely to be tapped when consumers go looking for products and/or services tied to your respective industry;
  • Promoting your site on social media – Last but certainly not least, how much time and energy are invested in promoting your website on social media? With millions and millions of consumers using Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, Pinterest, LinkedIn and more on a daily basis, you’d be nothing short of foolish to not have your website spread across multiple social sites. In doing so, you are basically getting free advertising and marketing. One word of caution…. be sure your social media posts (especially if you are engaging with consumers) steer clear of any negative. Your website and your pocketbooks could be negatively hurt if you’re seen on social media as a bully, untrustworthy, along with angry.

When you assist customers online with their myriad of needs, you do your website and your brand in general a big service.

What is your preferred way of communication with businesses?


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