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When approached to review Noxicare Natural Pain Relief Cream, I was more than happy to do so.  I am fairly

well educated when it comes to pharmaceuticals and just how bad they can be for a person’s body.  Granted – many of us wouldn’t live the quality of life that we do without prescription meds; however, if there is a way to limit our exposure to the side effects our bodies can endure by finding an alternative that works just as well – I’m all for it.

And frankly, if at all possible – all natural works for me.  I believe we were given all the natural tools we need to live a healthy life – we just needed to figure out how to piece them together so they will work for us.

Let’s take a look at what Noxicare is comprised of:

  • Willow Bark
  • Tumeric
  • Holy Basil
  • Ginger
  • Alpha Lipoic Acids
  • Boswellia Extract
  • Rosemary Extract

Noxicare’s Characteristics and my findings:

  • It’s odorless – Yes, this is true
  • Non-greasy – Yes, this is true
  • Fast-acting – I certainly agree
  • Long-lasting – I agree with this too

Okay…so I had to put this Noxicare to the test and I did on several occasions, including using it just before I began writing this review.  You see – I suffer from lower back pain – partly due to my sitting so long at my desk and partly due to the caring of my adult 6’0″ 215 lb. non-ambulatory son.  My lower back especially takes a toll when caring for his personal needs particularly while he’s in bed.

When he’s in bed, his alternating pressure air mattress doesn’t work in my favor – quite often. The air chamber farthest away from me collapses at the most inopportune times. This makes it difficult for me to roll him out of that sunken chamber (he only rolls in one direction as his left side is contracted) up onto the inflated chambers in order to get his attends changed, to get him dressed, or to get the sling to the lift system under him. When this happens my lower back suffers from the pulling and tugging.  This area becomes swollen and it’s painful.  I also have a hard time mopping the floor with a traditional mop or vacuuming the house using the floor tools.  The two latter tasks tend to make that very same area spasm.

So – my very first time I put the Noxicare to use was when I was mopping the floors.  I was reminded within a couple of minutes of mopping how my back just doesn’t like me doing this task.  I headed to my desk to apply the Noxicare and then went about my business of finishing the task.  And you know what?  Within a couple of minutes I felt no pain – no spasms.  I was so excited that I had to email the PR Rep. I was working with to let him know how happy I was!

The next few times I used the product were while I was sitting at my desk.  When I first used the product for this specific reason, I had an office chair – a nice one I had purchased at Staples years ago.  This chair was getting tired and I knew it – my back knew it.  So again, I put the Noxicare to the test.  I applied it and within a couple of minutes, the pain subsided to the point of where I barely felt it.  I found myself needing to re-apply the Noxicare every 3-4 hours to keep the pain at bay – but that was okay – if I was going to sit that long I needed to have the pain under control.

Then I decided I really needed to give in and get myself a new chair.  This new chair has helped the back pain, as I feel none about 98% of the time.  It’s when I sit too long, it will recur, and that’s why I was feeling pain tonight – I’ve been sitting here since 10pm and it’s now 3:45am.  As I said earlier, I applied the Noxicare just before I began the review and I am closing this review now – with no back pain.  I’m thrilled that I found a natural pain reliever instead of having to take Motrin which can effect the lining of my stomach,  make my liver work harder and impair the function of my kidneys.

Visit Noxicare’s website to learn more about the natural ingredients used in the product along with other informative information on pain.  Learn how Noxicare can help those with arthritis, Fibromyalgia, neuropathy, tension headaches and more.

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  1. Wow! Good to know! We’re trying out this product ourselves!

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