Jul 222013

Uncover a new way to shop with MyEveryNeed.com

We love to shop. We love fashion. Now you need to uncover a new way to shop online with MyEveryNeed.com.  The famous fashion designer, Whitney Port has this to say about MyEveryNeed:

Whitney Port Loves MyEveryNeed from MyEveryNeed on Vimeo

MyEveryNeed.com is offering a new concept of shopping online.  You will find talented writers posting amazing content.  You will find a virtual mall.  But – I think my favorite part of this new site is the E-Giftcard and spending cash platform that will allow you to shop now and pay later with no interest charged!

Buy Items Like:

Can you imagine?  Shop NOW – pay LATER – with NO interest charge!

We know interest charges can be quite hefty if one’s credit isn’t good.  Sometimes it’s impossible to obtain a credit card to make those purchases one so desires.  This new concept is going to make a lot of people very happy.  As always though – one will need to keep in mind that these purchases will need to be paid back – so spend within your means.

This is quite the concept MyEveryNeed has going and can save a lot of people a lot of money all while getting items they want NOW.  One can purchase items they really like an not have to worry about it costing them an arm and a leg – if they can’t pay right then and there.  See an outfit that just trips your trigger?  You can buy it now and pay later.   Don’t forget to add a cool pair of shoes to that outfit…you’ll snag them at the price you see – no added interest charge.  The same with watches, eye wear and other accessories.

Isn’t this exciting? MyEveryNeed.com has multiple ways for you to stay up-to-date with what is going on:






I’m excited about this new way to shop online…you?

*This post has been brought to you by MyEveryNeed.com.  All opinions are those of FCS.

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