Mar 062018

MyCharge AdventureJumpStart Jumper Cables Giveaway

Open to US only Ends 3/20

Hosted by Powered by Mom

Sponsored by MyCharge

We’ve teamed up with PBM to bring you the chance at being the winner of the MyCharge AdventureJumpStart Jumper Cables Giveaway.  Everyone should own a set of jumper cables!

No more worrying over a dead battery when you come out of a store! These compact jumper cables from MyCharge pack quite a punch! They are small in size but now in power! These are perfect for your teen driver too. Send them off with confidence that they will get home safely!

Go here and see what Powered by Mom writer Beth thought of her new Jumper Cables!

About AdventureJumpStart:

The 6600mAh AdventureJumpStart is a battery ideal for jump-starting your own car, truck, boat or ATV. With a 400A peak jump start current and a 200A jump start current, the battery provides power to jump your car or other vehicle’s battery. The AdventureJumpStart includes detachable jumper cables for use to jump-start your own car.

One Lucky Reader will win their own AdventureJumpStart from MyCharge!
The giveaway is open to US only, 18+
The giveaway ends 3/20 at 1159p est
Be sure to come back daily for more chances to win!

  12 Responses to “MyCharge AdventureJumpStart Jumper Cables Giveaway”

Comments (12)
  1. It will be for me.

  2. I would love to keep them. You never know when your battery may fail you or alternator and I have had troubles with both and not had a set of jumper cables to use.

  3. My oldest daughter lives about 45 minutes from me, and I worry about her getting stuck with a dead battery. I would gladly go and help her, but the idea of her having to wait an hour for me or even longer for AAA worries me. One of my rules when my girls first started driving is that they HAD to know how to do basic things for their vehicles, including knowing how to jump start them (and keeping jumper cables with them at all times). However, since you require a second vehicle for that, and my daughter too often is driving alone, I would feel much better if she had something like this.

  4. What brilliant idea. I’d love to win these.

  5. I will give them to my husband for his car. Thanks for the chance.

  6. I would keep the AdventureJumpStart Jumper Cables for myself although I would happily share with family and friends.

  7. I need them! Just had to get a jump start a couple days ago. I will keep them for myself.

  8. My husband will use these.

  9. This would be for my boyfriend

  10. I will be giving them to my mother, I have something similar and I cant say how much they really came in handy.

  11. This is odd, the announcement for this just appeared in your newsletter 3/24.

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