Nov 122011
Thanks to Wm Rowe

When my grandfather started to get a little more forgetful about taking his medicine, and became a little less stable on his feet, my parents had a good long talk with him about what was best for the future. After my parents attempted to convince him for hours to move in with us, they finally gave up. My grandfather was a World War II Vet and a retired engineer. He has always been self-sufficient and incredibly stubborn (a trait I definitely inherited). It quickly became clear that my grandfather was not going anywhere. He would remain in his house, and any further discussion on the subject was futile. This obviously made my parents incredibly nervous, but luckily a friend in a similar situation told them about adt albuquerque alarm system. The new monitoring service provides for medical assistance, which can establish a two-way voice connection with my grandfather in case of an emergency. My grandfather was overjoyed at getting to stay in his house, and my parents no longer lose sleep worrying about him falling down the stairs. He still has his independence, but help is never more than a few seconds away. I love that my proud grandfather got his way.

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