Apr 282011
I do 98% of my shopping online (no groceries).  Last Christmas I racked up $44.78 in my Mr. Rebates account for clicking just through their site.  I racked up some money in my ebates account too, but they automatically will send it to you, and Mr. Rebates doesn’t.

Since January, Mr. Rebates has sent me an email telling me how much I have in my account, and give me the option of leaving it there, or cashing out on it.  I have been pondering over cashing it out for the past two months. In one way, I would like the money in my PayPal account now, but if I wait until September/October to cash in, the money wouldn’t get spent and I could use it towards Christmas gifts.  I know if I take the money out now, I will spend it as fast as I put it in there…shopping online.

Okay…writing this has actually helped me make a decision.  I know Mr. Rebates isn’t going anywhere in the near future, so I think I will let the money sit there and continue to accrue more money from my online shopping (I have many bday’s coming up) and when fall comes around then cash out.  I like the idea of having a $60 – $70 deposited just before Christmas…it will help with the anxiety I experience when I go to spend money for Christmas.  Besides, it’s not like I’ve missed it up until now…it’s actually a bonus….and that amount wouldn’t make me any money in a savings account (to speak of) with todays interest rates.

Final decision…it sits there until fall….although, I just had this terrible thought…what if I were to die before getting to use that money?  That would be such a waste!  I think I’ll go to bed and sleep on it.

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  1. Lmao,you won't die…and if you are THAT worried…leave access to the account in your will:)

  2. Thanks for stopping by. I enjoyed your comment. I'm now following you too.


  3. @Laura – now that's a thought! Except, I need to update my will (actually, I want to do a living trust…not that I have that much but I don't want what I have go through Probate Court)…anyway, I think I should start a list of where I have money on the net so if I were to ever die unexpectedly, then someone would know where to check to see if there's any money coming to me. Great Idea!

  4. I'm really bad about cashing out my money on-line, especially with all my survey sites. I used to have an excel sheet with everything listed, but I switched computers. Following you as part of the hop, look forward to your future posts! You can find me at


  5. I think leaving it till fall is a great idea. Think of it as a christmas fund of sorts. Let it sit and earn more savings there and then have a fund to start your christmas shopping with.

  6. @Frugal…I need a system too…
    @Jackie…I like the idea of having those extra funds for Xmas too. Money doesn't go very far these days!

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