Sep 212012
synthetic diamond ring

It’s been said – ‘diamonds are a girl’s best friend.’  Thirty some – odd years ago – that saying didn’t hold true for me.  In fact, I really didn’t like diamonds. Yes, you read that right – and yet, they are my birthstone!  I actually told my fiancé not to buy me a big one when he went to pick out my engagement ring.  Since I didn’t like diamonds – I really didn’t want him to spend the money on one.  In all honesty, if quality synthetic diamond rings had been on the market back then, I would have been very happy with one of those.  I say quality, as I would have had to wear the ring so that I didn’t hurt my fiancé’s feelings.  That said, I surely wouldn’t want a crappy ring on my finger for everyone to look at when they asked to see my diamond.

So, could a synthetic diamond be a choice for young couples of today or someone who likes a lot of stones?  I certainly say yes.  Synthetic diamond rings have come a long way since they first came out on the market.  And, although diamonds are an investment, it’s not always feasible to get the ring a woman wants in today’s economy.  This ring to the right is created to look like the mineral, Moissanite by, and in my opinion, it’s absolutely stunning.

Yes, after many years of not liking diamonds, I had a change of heart about 15 years ago.  I fell in love with how they sparkle in certain light.  I also just love them paired with sapphires – you have no idea how I love that look!  The thing is – I can’t afford a real diamond ring of the substance I want.  I would be very happy with a few  synthetic diamond rings, like you see above.

Hmm….I wonder if I put it on my Christmas list, if someone would surprise me with it 🙂 Oh Santa – are you reading this?

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