Jul 182011

As a mother of a disabled son, I had to “learn” how to shave him. At first, I was petrified to shave him, as I was afraid he would fight me and I would end up cutting him.  Luckily though, I had an LNA that said she would be willing to do it, so I jumped at the offer!

My to my amazement, my son got used to being shaved faster than I thought he would.  Fabulous!  Now I had another problem to solve. Shaving him was leaving his face red raw with a pimply rash.  Not knowing what the issue was, and certainly not knowing a thing about men’s shaving products, I started with changing the shaving cream being used.  Well…that didn’t work.  So I then purchased new razors which seemed to help a bit, but still his face had somewhat of a rash.  So I was like…now what?  There are just so many shaving products for men on the market I had no clue what to do next. That’s when I decided to pole other men.

This is what I learned:

  • Several didn’t like shaving, and didn’t, as it was too much of a bother…(ah…that’s why so many beards on the faces of men I knew…but not an option for my son…I like clean shaven faces)
  • Some despise electric razors…claiming that they pull the hair on their face…(okay, well I won’t waste my money on an electric razor…what if I got one that did the same?  I surely wasn’t gonna purchase several.)
  • Some liked women’s razors better (picture that!)
  • Some liked triple blades, over single or twin blades…(I tried them all…still there was a rash)
  • Some had to use an after shave…this didn’t work…(it seemed to make the rash worse)
  • Some had to use products for sensitive skin only…(this helped quite a bit when I used razors and shaving cream for sensitive skin combined, but didn’t work 100%)

What works for the man in your life?  I’d love to see no rash at all on my son’s face :-).

~Sue – A Finger Click Saver~
*Disclaimer – This post is a result of my participation in a blogger campaign.  
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