Nov 252013

Glycol ethers is a generic name for over 30 different solvents.  The question of the day is – do your cleaners contain toxic glycol ethers?  More than likely they do if you purchase household cleaners.  Even some “green” cleaners on the market contain glycol ethers.

Products containing glycol ethers compromise our bodies when they are inhaled or come in contact with our skin.  When inhaled – the toxic solvents enter our lungs.  When these solvents make contact with our skin, the solvents are absorbed through the skin and head directly to the bloodstream.   Over-exposure to these solvents can cause irritation of the eyes and throat, intoxication and anemia.  Yet, do you realize – most households contain up to 30 gallons of cleaning toxins – all which are hazardous to one’s health.  It’s wise for children and pregnant women to steer clear of these chemicals for obvious reasons.

Many cleaning products contain carcinogens.  Furniture polish contains nitrobenzene – the ingredient that gives your furniture its shine BUT when absorb through the skin, it effects the central nervous system.  Air fresheners generally contain naphthalene and formaldehyde – known carcinogens.  Mixing two cleaners together can make deadly toxic gases.

A simple way to clean your surroundings is by using common household items.  My most favorite is vinegar.   Vinegar alone is a natural disinfectant.  It’s strong enough that it can take rust off of metal (I’ve tried it).  I love how it leaves my laminate floors – no water marks.  Baking soda and lemon juice are other great alternatives. Furniture polish can be made with vinegar, vegetable oil and lemon juice.  Vinegar and baking soda together can unplug a clogged sink.   Vinegar cleans the build up in the coffee maker.  And, a vinegar and water mixture is great for washing windows and mirrors.  Vinegar even removes soap scum.

If you’re going to use cleaners containing these toxins – you need to do so in a well ventilated area and wear gloves and a mask.  Your body will thank you for this.

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