May 102016

Welcome to May’s $500 Amazon Gift Card Giveaway.  If you’re the lucky winner, you can opt for $500 cash via Paypal, as well.  The giveaway is open WW.

Prize: $500 Amazon Gift Card or Cash (via Paypal) – winner’s choice

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Giveaway organized by: Oh My Gosh Beck!

Rules: Use the Rafflecopter form to enter daily. Giveaway ends 5/24 and is open worldwide. Winner will be notified via email.
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  79 Responses to “May’s $500 Amazon Gift Card Giveaway (or Paypal Cash)”

Comments (79)
  1. A new Kitchen aid mixer is on my amazon wish list.

  2. A new guitar is on my wishlist

  3. I have lots of things on my Amazon WishList, but the one thing that is at the top of my list is the Hooley Dooley Chrome Plated Marshmallow Roasting Sticks! These would be perfect for camping & making s’mores this Summer with my family!

  4. I have a new ipad on my wish list.

  5. A new bed is on my Amazon wish list

  6. A kindle is on my wishlist.

  7. I would love to get some new pots and pans from Amazon

  8. Some nice gifts for all my family is my Amazon list!

  9. I am hoping and praying for a new Bible. It is a very expensive one, but it’s one that I have wanted for a long time. Would love to get my husband a new one too. Thanks!

  10. a kitchen aid mixer

  11. I have spray paint on my Amazon wish list. I’m moving to a new apartment and want to paint some items but I won’t know which ones which color until I get moved and everything set up.

    Thanks for a chance at the giveaway!

  12. Something on my wishlist is a FitBit scale!

  13. I have the Grateful Dead CD & DVD boxed sets but those are expensive. Winning the contest would sure help πŸ™‚

  14. I’ve had this Dyson AM03 Pedestal Fan, Silver on my Wishlist since 8/2011…someday I hope to get one πŸ™‚ Thanks for this chance!

  15. My Amazon wishlist is full of books, books and more books, plus a few diamond earrings and rings, after all, diamonds are a girls best friend.

  16. I would like an awesome bathing suit!

  17. A scanner is on my wish list, with allot of other things as well

  18. Sneakers are on my Amazon wish list.

  19. I have several journals on my wish list.

  20. I would love a patio dining set.

  21. I have so much on my list! LOL! I would like to eventually get a real nice kindle!!

  22. I want a kindle.

  23. I have hair products on my Amazon wish list. It’s a 10, Pureology, Kenra and Paul Mitchell are the brands of hair products on my wish list.

  24. J R Ward’s The Beast

  25. A sandbox for my children and a new car seat for my son are on my Amazon Wishlist right now. πŸ™‚

  26. The Amazon Echo is on my wishlist! Would love to purchase it if I was to win the Amazon gift card, thanks for the opportunity!

  27. I want several things on Amazon especially an above ground pool and pool maintaining items, items to level the ground– for my kids to enjoy this Summer.

  28. I’d like an amope foot file.

  29. I Kindle is on my Amazon Wishlist

  30. This is item on my wish list for my sister and I. .

    Fashionable Original chair LEOPARD SKIN LOOK (High Heel) PP-203
    by Viscologic

    2 one for me one for my sister.

  31. When I clicked on the Facebook entry visit blog by Donna something went wrong I tried to go back and somehow the entry button had been pushed.

  32. A new computer desk is on my Amazon list.

  33. I have a disney snowglobe on my amazon wishlist. It’s so cute and adorable.

  34. Tombow brush markers for hand lettering.

  35. I just added to my wish list today. I want a
    Homdox Air Purifier Salt Light Himalayan Salt Lamps with Dimmer Switch Home/Office Table Decoration (White). I have never had a Himalayan lamp and I want to try it. I also want a
    Aroma Sense Vitamin C Shower Head .

  36. A new refrigerator is on my amazon wish list

  37. My Amazon consists of a lot of things for my kids, I’d love to finally get them their backyard wooden play set!

  38. One thing on my Amazon wish list is an Instant Pot electric multi-functional pressure cooker for preparing a host of delicious meals.

  39. Oh my…lots on my Amazon list..a few dresses…cookware…even a microwave if possible!

  40. Right now I have a brand new purse on my Amazon wishlist! I’ve been wanting a new purse for months and I’ve had my eye on this one on Amazon for a while now! πŸ™‚

  41. thanks so much for the chance to win!! Great Giveaway!!

  42. Hello. I wish I win this raffle. I have been joining raffles, but to no avail I haven’t winning cash. Goodluck to other participants πŸ™‚

  43. I would like to get some tools for my son for Fathers Day.

  44. I have been trying to save up enough Amazon gift cards to purchase a new laptop from Amazon.

  45. I have so much on my list! One thing is a new laptop!! I really need an upgrade! πŸ™‚

  46. A camera- a great DSLR camera, I have wanted one forever.

  47. Golf clubs

  48. DSLR Camera

  49. I would love to win the PayPal gift card because our roof is leaking and we need to replace the wheelchair ramp on our house and winning this prize would be a great help. I have all of my fingers and toes crossed!

  50. a new kitchenaid blender

  51. My wish list includes a new bag.

  52. Something on my Amazon wishlist is a Seagate Backup Plus 5TB Desktop External Hard Drive. It would be so amazing to have!

  53. On my wishlist I’d have those college care packages for a few friends of mine who are either attending college or in another country

  54. I want to buy something for my parents for their 25th anniversary. :3

  55. Shirts

  56. A new watch is on my amazon wishlist

  57. I would buy a new GPU for my Jofainita computer

  58. Nintendo 2DS – Crimson Red

  59. new laptop is on my wishlist

  60. Lots and lots of kindle books

  61. YIKES!!! I hit the enter button on the email/rss entry before I did it!!!! Any way I can get back in to complete the entries?

  62. This is awesome! My sweet Nana just passed away, and we had both wanted a new umbrella for her patio- so that’s definitely what is on my wishlist!

  63. Definitely a new New Nintendo 3DS!

  64. a nice headphone

  65. Jewelry for my wife is on my wishlist. She deserves nice things.

  66. I’m wishing for a Chewbacca Furby!

  67. I would lvoe new pots and pans..

  68. a lot of books and a couple make up things are on my amazon wish list πŸ™‚

  69. I would like to have a pair of Teva’s and Sanuks. It’s summer time!

  70. Mine’s a bit on the unique side: a Ravi Shankar style double gourd sitar with a fiberglass case. I’ve long wanted to play this melodious instrument, and a 500.00 gift card could help me a great deal were I to decide to take the leap and learn how.

    God bless,

  71. A smart TV.

  72. I would love a laptop -Apple MacBook Pro 15.4″ Laptop- . This is my most wished for on my wish list.

  73. Books, always! I’m a total bookworm.

  74. I looking in to a new Calphalon set. This would be a great help!

  75. EXO XOXO album! That is one K-pop album that I definitely need to own as apart of my EXO collection

  76. I would buy a kitchen aid mixer I have wanted one forever

  77. The last two books in the Outlander series are on my wishlist!

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