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The holiday season was the most memorable time of the year when my kids were small.  Christmas’ were the best.  I loved decorating to get them prepared for Santa’s arrival.  I loved baking.  Now all that can be done is to look back at all the pictures and savor the memories that we shared. Ah – to reminisce.

Christmas truly is the most wonderful time of the year. Everyone enjoys being able to see relatives who haven’t visited in ages. Of course, the presents are nice as well, but it’s the children who make this holiday truly special.

There’s nothing like the remarkable joy in the eyes of a child as they await Santa in December. The little tots won’t be so little for very long so it’s important to get as much joy from their childhood as possible. This is why it’s important to make sure the children are really given a chance to relish in the magic of Christmas.

There are a lot of ways to make the holidays more special for the little ones and the easiest way may just be the most simple. Get the children to write a letter to Santa. There’s no substitute for the joy children feel when they think they’re actually about to communicate with the big guy,himself. Their eyes will light up when they think about what they really want the elves to make for them. They’re so excited that they don’t even realize that they’re doing something educational. You should fill out little envelopes and address them to the North Pole. Each child should have his/her own stamped envelope and they should be present when they’re precious letters are mailed.

Another great way to get the children into the mindset of Christmas is with a whole new décor. Decorating the house and in red and white lets the children know Santa will soon be coming. You should also hang stockings with the Children’s names embroidered on them in Gold. The tree is the icing on the cake as far as setting up for Christmas. Make sure the little ones help to wrap the tinsel around the tree and apply the ornaments and candy canes. You should sing Christmas classics such as Jingle Bells as the tree is decorated. Make sure the opportunity to start the tree is designated for the smallest member of the family. The older children have had their turn and now it’s the baby’s time to shine. Of course, the little angel will need assistance to reach the top of the tree. It’s better than watching the ball drop on New Year’s as the baby is lifted to the top of the tree to deliver the finishing touch.

Of course the real fun can already begin on Christmas Eve because the children are so excited that they can barely contain themselves. Preparations should be made for Santa’s arrival. The kids should see dad cleaning the fire place so Santa doesn’t get his suit dirty. He doesn’t have to do much, just make some ruckus really. Get an old T-shirt and rub soot on it and a smudge dad’s face with a little so he looks like he’s really struggling to clear a path for Santa. It would probably be best to take the kids out for a spell and have them come back just as dad is finishing up. The entire house should then be made as Santa friendly as possible. A welcome mat should be placed at the chimney for Santa to wipe his feet. Of course, a glass of milk and 2 cookies should be put out just before the children are put to bed.

For an added touch, you should tell the children you’re going to let them sneak a peek at Santa.It would be best to have them in a room with a view of the tree. Make sure you tell them they can tell anyone that you’re letting them do this. Have Granddad come in dressed in a red suit and a big green bag. He doesn’t even need a wig and a beard because the kids will only begetting a brief glimpse of his back.

The rest of the time should be spent in a room where they can hear Santa bumping around as he leaves the presents under the tree. Put an emphasis on how much trouble you would be in with Santa if they tell anyone you let them see him. Tell them Santa will leave if he finds out they’re not asleep so they have to be extra quiet. Make sure to leave one half-eaten cookie and few crumble from the other one on the plate. Have Santa leave the big gifts like the PlayStations and the bikes and let the kids out of the room as soon as he is gone. Allow them to yell and jump for joy at the fact that they just saw Santa. The presents will be the furthest thing from their minds for a few seconds anyway. Come out the next morning and give them the clothes and shoes as gifts from mom and dad, and just enjoy the day off.

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  1. i loved the holiday season

  2. These are some great ideas!

  3. Aww, I just loved this post soo much. It actually brought tears to my eyes, imagining a little child’s excitement. Great ideas and really thought out post. Beautiful.. It touched me..

  4. What great ideas, thank you for sharing.

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