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My daughter has hit her teen years and with that the makeup has started. Granted, most girls her age have been wearing makeup a lot longer than she has, so I really shouldn’t complain. She’s also been coloring her hair for quite some time – well, I should say, when I will allow it. What I can’t make her understand is that all these cosmetics cost money and it would be nice if she would help cut the cost by using coupons like Loreal coupons that one sees online and in the Sunday paper coupon inserts.

For whatever reason, I don’t think that she sees the value in coupons quite yet. I will give her credit that when she sees something at a store and thinks that she might be able to get that product at the Dollar Store – she will say, “I think I’ll wait. I can get these at the Dollar Store.” She’ll do this if we’re shopping and she wants Pringles chips or even those peach gummy rings. If I could only get her to go through coupon inserts and clip coupons for things that she might want, or things that we buy, I’d be very happy. I wouldn’t care if she clipped any and all coupons for cosmetics and hair dyes – at least we’d have them when we need them.

Oh the joys of the teen years! Does your daughter wear makeup? Is she picky on the brand?

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  1. I don’t have a daughter, but I can understand where you come from here. Kids don’t understand the value of a dollar unless they work really hard for it like everyone else. I was never too interested in makeup at that age, but kids these days are starting everything too early. She will follow in your foots steps before you know it. You’ve already taught her well from what I can see. Thanks for the share.

    • You’re so right, Theresa. Kids do not understand the value of a dollar these days. And, I agree – kids are starting everything too early these days. The girls up the street have been wearing makeup since they were 11/12 years old. That’s much to young in my opinion. Thanks for the compliment and commenting 🙂

  2. I am on my third daughter. Each if them has been picky about different things. Daughter number three is female sanitary products. She does understand the need to coupon and doesn’t usually get in a tizzy if I can’t buy the usual due to lack of money or coupons or both sometimes. She will ask if anyone has clearance makeup and if any coupons match them. We all are a little pickier about our hair products since daughter number two is a cosmetologist and is a stickler for better hair dye product. We use a Sally card and aim to go when we have a coupon and stick up when there is a sale.

  3. Oh, the wonderful teenage years! When my daughter was a teen she was into the Goth look. Dyed black hair (while I was at work) black clothes and heavy makeup. She looked silly. All I can say is hang in there. When she has her own daughter you can laugh.

  4. I don’t have a teen, but I remember BEING one LOL. I spent hours playing with different make up products. It’s funny because by the time I hit 30 I rarely wear make-up anymore.

  5. I’ve got a teen age son and the Axe thing going on in our household.

    • Barb! For real? That has been going on with her too – since last fall! Personally – Axe is a bit strong for liking and when the teen puts it on – it seems like she douses herself in a ton of it!

  6. What a great way to get your daughter in a savings mode. Teach them young to be thrifty and it will carry on.

  7. Keep after her! Now’s a great time to get her started on learning how to save and there seem to be some good coupons out there for cosmetics.

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