Jan 182011
My last post was regarding the Cash Reporter website.  Many of the sites I list on my  “Click-Thru” page of this blog are listed on their site,  however; you will notice the Shop at Home website isn’t. The reason it isn’t, is because I have had nothing but trouble with their “slider bar” after installing it…and even after uninstalling and reinstalling.  I have read several reviews on different sites about how people have experienced trouble with Shop at Home as well.  Many complained they weren’t credited for a click-thru or how they disliked they can only receive their money via paper checks. 
So, here’s what I want to ask my readers….how do you like their program?  Have you had issues?  I know not every site is perfect but after having so much trouble with the “slider bar,” I am very apprehensive to promote the site on my blog.

I’m looking forward to your input, thanks. 


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  1. Just stumbled upon this. Your blog is GREAT! I love your recommendations. I too use cashreporter.com all the time. Saved so much cash thanks to them and you. Keep up the great work!

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