May 182016

Leather is Making a Comeback!

Bold Leather Fashions and Accessories

Look out ladies, leather is making a comeback! Don’t be scared, no harm will come to you in these fashions. Leather has become the new, chic material to work with. It has always been a go to for a great jacket or fabulous shoes, but today’s designers are creating fashion forward looks with an old world material.

The Leather Do’s

  • Deer Skin Dresses are a big yes! Think less Pocahontas running through the woods and more socialite at a dinner party. The modern deer skin dress offers sleek lines and a refined silhouette.
  • Leather Pants…yes please! Gone are the days of the hair band rocker greasing himself up to get into his skin tight leather pants. Today’s version is surprisingly comfortable and comes in styles that flatter every body type. Pair with a blouse for a night out or a stylish tee for a lunch with friends.
  • Leather Tunics are taking over from the street to the supermarket. Wear it with slacks for the office or a great pair of jeans for an amazing look while you run around town.

The Leather Don’ts

  • Leather clothing can be expensive and it is so tempting to spend less on fake leather to try to get the same look. It’s not going to work, so put down the pleather and walk away. Fake leather can take a chic look and make it feel cheap. If your budget can’t take the hit of a full leather dress, try scaling back a bit. Instead of the dress, go for a simple tunic or even some great leather accessories. A great leather belt or beautiful leather necklace and some fabulous shoes can provide the leather look without the leather price.
  • Leather from head to toe…no! Leather is a strong material and, while a dress can give the appearance of leather forever, its severity is softened through styling and accents on the dress itself. So don’t buy everything leather you can find and put it on all at once. Select one piece and let that be your statement piece.


  • When it doubt, accessorize. For many of us, leather garments are quickly followed in thought by handmade turquoise jewelry. A gorgeous necklace or chunky ring can add just the right touch to most leather looks. Let’s be honest here, nothing compliments leather like turquoise.
  • Don’t be afraid to play around with shoes as you develop your signature leather look. A great pair of heels can give just the right lift to your leather tunic. Try a pair of canvas shoes in a bold color to give that bit of edge to your black leather pants.
  • The leather is the accessory? Genius! Leather accessories used to mean belts and shoes. Not anymore. Leather can be found in earrings, necklaces, bracelets and more.

I know all of this leather talk may seem intimidating. A taboo has surrounded leather clothing for such a long time and those stereotypes can be hard to break. I challenge you to break down those stereotypes and give leather a try. You’ll thank me for it later.

Bio – This guest post is courtesy of Wild Instincts, a custom leather clothing company based in Idaho and specializing in handmade accessories, jewelry and clothing.

Are you a leather gal?  What is your favorite leather item?  Does it excite you that leather is making a comeback?

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