Jul 032012

Claim your coupon to Lake Compounce where you can save $5 per person. Lake Compounce is the oldest continuously operating amusement park in North America having over 402 acres of fun.  Operating since 1846, Lake Compounce combines unique and exciting thrill rides and roller coasters for all ages with a full-sized water park – all for one low price.  Lake Compounce has ten (10) catering pavilions and plenty of room to host your birthday, family reunion, party and corporate events.  The balance and evolution and traditions continues to play and important role to continue to delight families from all around New England and beyond.   Let Lake Compounce delight your family. Click the link below to print out your Lake Compounce Coupon.

Save $5 on Regular Admission at Lake Compounce #USFGLCompounce

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