Nov 272013

Ladies – do you have one of these cordless screwdrivers?  If you don’t – you need one!  I have this model below and I love it.  I owned another model prior to this one that was a good 10 years old (maybe older) before it needed to be retired.  These make fabulous gifts too…especially for those who have arthritis.

What’s nice about this newer model is that you can buy replacement batteries unlike the first model I had.  That said, the first one I owned was when they were fairly new to the market.

What us ladies can do with this – the possibilities are endless and it’s a huge time saver compared to using a traditional screw driver.  I’ve put together toys.  I’ve put together furniture pieces that I’ve order online.  I’ve installed a door handle…make that several.  I’ve used it to install window shades and blinds (after I pre-drilled the holes).  You ask why not just use the drill with a different bit?  Because those drills are heavy – even the cordless drills.  Not to mention that you can’t change the angle of the drill handle to get a good comfortable grip.

There are many other models to choose from, but I find this one to work just fine for what us ladies like to accomplish around the house.   If you’ve never owned one of these before – I would suggest getting yourself a set of  Black & Decker 71-081 Double Ended Screwdriving Bit Set, 10-Piece that sells for less than $4.00.  That particular bit set doesn’t come with a case but I can tell you that prescription pill bottles hold them all quite nicely.

In my home – this little gem sits in my kitchen cupboard with my cookbooks.  No one is allowed to use it unless they ask and they best put it back where they found it when they’re done with it – CHARGED.

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  1. I would love to have one of these and it would make a great gift! Thanks for sharing.

  2. My mom and dad got these for all of the “guys” in the family last year for Christmas and they have definitely come in handy! 🙂

  3. this would definitely benefit me, with my wrist always being achy , nice product find

  4. I have one and love it!! Im not very good at fixing anything but I do love using it lol!

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