Mar 172015

Kijiji – A Classified Ads Site for Canadians

What a world we live in.  The Internet opens up a world that didn’t exist 30 yrs. ago.  When one is in need of something all they need to do is to turn to the internet and do a search. Then there are sites that are already established that are our to-go sites that we automatically type in the address bar.  Completing ventures online is a world-wide capability.

As we all know – Finger Click Saver uses the internet for everything and will settle for nothing less than a bargain.  It may be that several sites need to be visited before finding the perfect deal and that is quite okay.  We’ll turn to Ebay, classified ad sites, Listia, Craigslist, Facebook groups, and many other sites.

Canadians have the same access to these sites, but they also have access to another classified ads site – Kijiji.  Free to list on – free to browse.  Free is so good!  No more paying for newspaper advertising to reach more than a handful of people.

Kijiji is comparable to – offering classified ads for homes, pets, cars, livestock, vacation rentals, and so much more.  Kijiji has been up and running for 10 years, and the best part of Kijiji, is that it offers free listings.  Free is good – there is no paying for ad space on Kijiji – (oops we said that already) gotta love it though!

At the time of this post writing, Kijiji had over 6,074,439 classifieds listed on the site.  That number is huge.  Just imagine how many people see the ad that you’ve placed.  Just imagine what you can find that you’re looking for!  You could spend hours looking at what’s for sale!

We had to dig deeper into the Kijiji site to see what one could find and how easy/hard it would be to find listed items.  In having the ability to narrow down the region your in, or possibly moving to, or willing to travel to – is where we started our search.  We then decided to see what was for sale under the “Other” category.  Listings galore appeared – it doesn’t get much easier than that.

In talking to a friend recently, he suggested we check Craigslist for kitchen cabinets since we want to redo our kitchen.  So with that in mind, we entered kitchen cabinets in the search bar and 2 full pages came up.  In noting one listing that was on the Kijiji site led me to search Craigslist (my locale) – kitchen cabinet doors.  Maybe, just maybe, I would compromise on replacing the cabinet doors opposed to all my cabinets!  What a money and time saver that would be.

After taking a look around Kijiji – the site is none less than impressive!

Do you use online classified ad sites?  What treasures have you found?


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