Jun 052012
kids bowl free

The Kids Bowl Free Summer Program is one of the best there is out there if you and your children like to bowl.  Our family has participated in the program for several years now.   I’m not sure who enjoys it the most – Grandpa or my daughter (honestly – I think Grandpa does!)

Highlights of the Program:

  • Kids receive 2 FREE games every day ALL summer long.
  • Shoe rental requirements vary from bowling centers.
  • Each bowling center has their own requirements as to the age limits (ours is 16 and under) and the times during the day when they allow the free bowling (due to leagues)
  • A family pass, starts at $24.95 which covers up to 4 adult family members and includes 2 games per person per day, is also offered.

Money Saving Tip:  If you think you’re going to use this program a lot –  my suggestion would be for you to search Craig’s List or ebay for used bowling shoes.  With having your own shoes you’d save even more money, and most generally, bowling shoes last a very long time.



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  1. We signed up for this last summer it was great! Even with the cost of shoes it was an inexpensive thing to do with the kids on a rainy summer day. And the bowling Alley was very quiet when we went. I’m so glad they are continuing this program. I loved Regals free summer movies too but I can’t find information on that so far this year.

    • It’s such a great program…I’m glad you get use out of it. I just signed up Pa and Abby again. I’ve been watching Regal’s website – I haven’t seen anything but $1 movies for the summer and not in your area :(.

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