Sep 192015

Join Crowdology USA on Facebook

Are you a survey taker?  Have you heard of Crowdology? Crowdology USA is on Facebook and is an online community offering their followers surveys, survey results, fun tips and ideas, and more.

Originally a survey site located in the UK, they have recently expanded and created an online portal for the US.  They would love for you to join their community!

What Crowdology USA is About:

Crowdology rewards their members for completing online surveys with cash. Being part of leading market research  company Redshift Research, they are an online community that professionally gathers consumer information on behalf of the US’s best and well known brands.

They have this to say:

  • Our rewards are fair – just completing a 5 minute survey will earn you $0.50!
  • The surveys are fun! We cover a wide range of topics and consumer interests.
  • Prize draws – we run 3 prize draws every month.

What makes Crowdology USA different than other survey sites?

  • Our rewards system is simple. After collecting $8 worth of points, you can withdraw your money through PayPal!
  • You may get a chance to take part in product testing!
  • Our support team are friendly and helpful. If you have any problems, just email us at we’ll be happy to help you.
  • Our screen-out rates are low. When you sign up, update your profile and we can send relevant surveys to you!
  • We also have an online community for UK consumers. We were rated as the 4th best Survey Site by the popular UK site Money Saving Expert.

Many people enjoy taking surveys to get their opinion/voice heard.  Joining Crowdology is a community where you can do just that.

Are you a survey taker?  What are your reasons for joining such communities?

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  1. wow i never knew about this site! Im going to join right now!

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