Apr 242012

After a two year operation called Operation Ghost Click, the FBI arrested six Estonian nationals back in November, and charged them with fraud.  These individuals are accused of infecting computers worldwide with malware called DNS Changer. The thieves used the access to direct users to their own servers and manipulate advertising.  This created $14 million in illegal income.  NASA and government computers were amongst the infected, amongst millions of others.

The problem – the FBI believes approximately 350,000 computers are still infected with this malware with roughly 85,000 being computers in the United States.  If yours is one that is infected and you don’t remove the malware – you will lose your internet access come July.

The FBI has created a site where you can check to see if your computer infected.  The results will either show an image with a green background if your computer is okay and should a red image appear then you will be directed to information on how to remove the malware.

Check your computer now at http://www.dcwg.org



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