Apr 042011

This post brought to you by AutoAssure. All opinions are 100% mine.

Last year we purchased a used vehicle; and at that time, we were asked if we wanted to take out an extended warranty.  In the past, I have never taken one out as I felt we really would be okay, and luckily we were.  That being said, when we purchased our current vehicle we opted to take out the extended warranty for the mere fact that today’s automobiles operate with too many electronics not to.  That being said, I wished I had done my home work before making a decision to purchase the extended warranty through the dealership as I could have gotten more for my money if I had known about AutoAssure.com. 

What you get with AutoAussure: 
  • Customized Vehicle Protection Plans – I had a choice of two plans
  • Rental car coverage…mine doesn’t
  • Trip interruption coverage…meal and lodging payments…mine doesn’t
  • Roadside assistance…mine doesn’t
  • Tire repairs and replacements…mine doesn’t
  • No out of pocket expenses for covered repairs option available…mine has a deductible for each   occurrence with no option of not having one
  • You can choose your favorite ASE-certified repair shop or dealership to perform the repairs…my plan takes me to where I purchased the vehicle or a dealership of the same brand 
  • Unlimited claims-up to the maximum value of your vehicle…my plan simply ends after 2 yrs.
  • Transferable coverage- adds value to your car when you’re ready to sell…not mine
  • Simplicity of paying for the repairs…AutoAssure pays the repair shop or dealership directly 

As you can see when I compare my extended warranty coverage to AutoAssure’s, not all extended warranty plans are the same in a multitude of ways.  It’s most definitely worth your while to check out your options.  Getting a free quote is very simple and I would urge you to fill out the form to speak with one of their agents before making a decision of not taking out an extended warranty or one through the dealership.  Auto Coverage As Seen On TV

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