Jul 302013
imagination movers Back in the Blue

Disney’s Imagination Movers has released their new soundtrack Back in Blue.

Back in Blue has 26 songs total from season three of the Imagination Movers.  These songs were written by the Imagination Movers and produced by Walt Disney Records and Blue Suit Music.

Great activity for the kiddos (click to download) >>>>   ROM Tour Coloring Packet

Imagination Movers have been performing for 10 years and would like to continue on for another ten years.   In order to do so – they need the support from the sales of their newest soundtrack – to bring you more Mover music, more Mover videos and have the Movers come play LIVE in your town.

Find Back in Blue on Amazon.com and at iTunes.com.

Keep up with Imagination Movers on Facebook  and Twitter – hashtag #BackinBlue. If you’d care to read about Imagination Movers Bio – visit here


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  1. My son love the Imagination Movers! 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

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