Jun 022012

I am currently into reading fantasy novels. Currently, I find myself deeply immersed in Steven Erikson’s Malazan Book of the fallen.  At first, I thought that reading books was an inexpensive and productive hobby.  This is only half true. The Malazan Book of the Fallen consists of 10 books already.  And there are countless of great works still to be read such as Robert Jordan’s wheel of time consisting of 14 books, George Martin’s Song of Ice and Fire with seven books and other compilations. With so much treasure  to be collected, one can easily project thousands of dollars on the way. Book reading is indeed an  expensive hobby.

And with such expenses coming on the way, knowing the tricks on saving from this hobby can go a long, long way. So if you are starting to like books, you better heed these helpful advices.

1. Get a membership card
If you are buying from specialty book stores, such books stores often offer a membership card that gives you 10% (on the average) discount on all of your purchases. To get such memberships, you can either buy it for a price or reach a certain amount in a single purchase. I suggest going for the latter by buying a whole compilation of a work that you are sure to read. You are going to buy those anyway.

2. Book Trades
If you are only after reading the books and do not take pleasure of seeing your collection growing or rereading your books, I suggest taking your books into a book trade venue in order to reduce the cost or get the one you are looking for free. If you cannot find the book in a trade, you can resell your book and buy the one that you are looking for.

3. Consider Using Ebooks
If you are in a habit of compiling your books for practical reasons and not for aesthetic purposes, having an eBook reader may be very well worth it. Yes, you may be paying extra bucks for the initial cost of your ebook reader. However, you are in effect getting 10%-15% discounts on all of the books that you will be buying. You are also helping nature in conserving paper and you can also bring your library of over 8,000 books anywhere you go.

4. Use discounts
If you are the usual book collector, then you should be prepared to buy your books almost anywhere as some copies are simply rare. I find myself increasingly fascinated with Walmart and Amazon in this case as these stores have a vast repertoire of books and even have some rare copies. A good advantage with these shops is that you do not need a membership card just to get good discounts. There are countless There are countless
Walmart coupon code and similar ones for Amazon available in the internet. All you have to do is go search for it using Google or click on the provided link to get access to such discount.

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