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Sometimes we just need alternative ways when trying to break a habit or are dealing with some sort of addiction.  Learning ways to de-stress can be hard for some individuals.  Even if you’re in a wonderful program, like Ohio Drug and Alcohol Rehab, you may still need some additional coping strategies for especially difficult days. The following tips will help you to quell your anxiety when the going’s been rough.

1. Music can really take you away to another place. Listen to whatever it is that always makes you feel better. Block out the rest of the world for a while. To truly tune the world out, invest in a great pair of headphones. 

2. Figure out what exactly is causing stress. Separate your stressors into what you can and cannot control. Make a physical list, then tear it up afterwards. Also, put some effort into changing the parts of your stress that you can control.

3. Get into a great book. Reading gives your mind a vacation. If you delve into fiction, you’ll be transported to another world.

4. Visualize your stress by giving it a mental image. Then picture yourself letting it go or watching the visual stress shrink.

5. Go for a drive! Don’t get behind the wheel if you’re upset, but if you just need to escape, a relaxing drive can help. Put on your favorite music, open the windows, and clear your mind. 

6. Write a letter to the person who is upsetting you. Don’t send it, though. The act of getting it down on paper will be enough to help you clear your mind.

7. Play with an animal. This can be therapeutic, not to mention adorable.

8. Burn candles or incense. Scent can really help calm your nerves. Lavender and vanilla are great scents to help you relax.

9. Do something you can control, which will help you focus when you’re stressed over things you can’t control. Cooking or cleaning are two great examples of activities that you’re in control of.

10. Sip caffeine-free tea. The heat will help you relax. Just don’t reach for another cup of coffee, which will only give you the jitters.

11. Set aside a standing date with yourself every night. Each evening, aim to do something that’s just for you. Even on your worst days, you’ll know that “Me Time” is coming soon. Whether it’s sitting with a cup of tea, reading funny articles online, or talking to your mom on the phone, make it just about you for a while each night.

Even extremely stressful days can be calmed with self-soothing habits. When you’re in recovery, it’s important to find ways to treat your anxiety without relying on drugs or alcohol.

Do you de-stress using other strategies that work best for you?  Please share – someone else may find them helpful.

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  1. These are some great ideas and I am glad you pointed out do not drive if upset, can make matters worse, one of the things I do when I am stressed makes me feel better is I live in the country and I turn the radio up loud and clean house and sing to the top of my lungs just makes me feel better, I have been known to do the same in the car and it does relax me and makes me quit worrying about what is wrong.

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