Jun 192016
Disclaimer: An FCS team member will be receiving a Salt Lamp.  Watch for our review.

Himalayan Salt Shop – Save 20% with Promo Code

himalayan salt lamp

Have you ever tried a Himalayan Salt Lamp?  Or, maybe you already have one and need for another?  The Himalayan Salt Shop has them and you can save on your purchase.  We’re excited to be reviewing one of these in the next few weeks…watch for the review!

The Himalayan Salt Shop proudly offers a truly unique health and wellness product. Himalayan Salt Lamps have been popular in Europe for decades, but have only recently become known in the United States. These all-natural air purifiers, made of pristine pink Himalayan salt crystal, help clean the air in your home while also serving as a stunning, glowing home decor piece surely to strike up conversation.


Go to www.HimalayanSaltShop.com and use code USFAMILY for 20% off.  Snag your savings while you can.



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