Apr 132012

In today’s world, does one dare to go without insurance? I know I don’t. People seem all too ‘sue’ happy these days. These just aren’t people who are in auto accidents either. People will sue others if they are hurt on their properties, especially those being businesses. That’s one of the reasons why, when operating a business, that the business be properly insured with business insurance. It would really rot if you weren’t insured and you lost all your hard work you’ve put into your business from being sued.  Even those who operate under an LLC (Limited Liability Company) need business insurance.

What type of business insurance do you need? Well, this all depends on whether you need coverage for commercial vehicles, or if you’re a manufacturer, contractor, landlord, butcher or whatever it is that you specialize in. Personally, I would also cover myself in addition to having business insurance. This is because…say you’re in a car accident in a business vehicle and you’re at fault, the other person can put claims in against your business insurance and you personally.  Of course, you’ll want to shop around to find the best rates for the protection you need. A penny saved is a penny earned, right?

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