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Hairstyling Hacks All Women Should Know

Many women struggle with getting their hair to cooperate each and every day. Regardless of your hair’s length, cut, or texture, getting it to behave the way you want it to can be difficult, especially if your hair is particularly sensitive to its environment.

Even for those who feel like they understand their hair and know how to style it properly, there are still some hairstyling hacks that can make your morning routine easier. With these hairstyling tips, you can feel confident in your hair care treatment and confident in getting it to look beautiful each and every day.

Hair Accessories

Finding the right hair accessories can help you find simple hairstyles you can perfect each and every day. Depending upon your hair cut or style, there are certain accessories that will help you achieve the look you are hoping for, including hair clips, hair bands, bandanas, flower accessories, and even hair extensions from AiryHair. Knowing what accessories your hair will respond to can help you easily do your hair each morning.

Hair Type

In order to learn how to properly style your hair, it is important to understand the type of hair you have. While you might think you know what type of hair you have, sometimes diagnosing it is a little more complicated than you might think, because all hair types and textures respond differently to hair cuts, hair tools, and hairstyles.

While many stylists can help you figure out what type of hair you have, there are some easy tests you can do to help yourself figure it out. Most women have one of these three types of hair: thick, medium, or fine. However, some have a combination of the three, which can make styling more difficult. The type of hair you have is genetic, and the follicles of your hair determine your type of hair.

To determine your type of hair, gather your hair into a pony tail with an elastic band. For those who can wrap the band only once, you most likely have thick hair. For those who can wrap a couple of times, you generally have medium hair. For those who can wrap more than that, your hair is most likely fine. On top of that, different textures of hair can also add to your hair’s type. Most people have straight, wavy, kinky, or curly hair. For most, it is fairly obvious when you look at your hair in its natural state.

The Right Blow Dryer

Knowing how to blow dry your hair the correct way is essential to not only styling your hair properly, but also in keeping it healthy. Blow drying your hair incorrectly can lead to frizzy hair, hair that breaks, or hair that splits.

Depending upon your hair’s texture, there are different techniques to blow drying your hair the right way. For those who have straight or wavy hair, the best way to achieve a good blowout is to begin by patting your hair dry. It is best to allow your hair time to dry naturally until it is only slightly damp before blow drying it, as it will help to prevent your hair from looking frizzy. Experts suggest drying your hair in sections, using a spiral brush to life the hair at the roots.

For those with curly or kinky hair, the best way to blow dry is with a diffuser or with a nozzle, as the heat is more centralized and will focus on drying the roots instead of frizzing the curls. Try to dry the hair at the roots in sections.

Curling Your Hair

When it comes to curling your hair, for those with straight or wavy hair, use a ceramic curling iron. It disperses the heat better and can help your hair curl without frying the strands. Using the right products will also enhance the curls, helping them stay curled all day long without falling out.

Hair Straightening

For those with curly, wavy, or kinky hair, straightening your hair can give you a sleek look. Hair straightening, though, can easily damage the hair if the flat iron is not made with ceramic plates. Similarly to a ceramic curling iron, ceramic flat irons disperse the heat evenly.

These hair tips can help anyone have gorgeous hair every day.

Image Source: https://pixabay.com/en/woman-hair-drying-girl-female-586185/

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