Sep 242013

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Access to the internet has added one additional job to a parent’s plate.  It’s a job that we can’t ignore though, as our children’s safety is at risk.  Every parent, and even grandparents, need to be educated on this important matter.

Recently, I was watching Dr. Phil and I made my daughter come to where I was at, to listen to the end of the show.  She needed to hear from someone else why I am as anal as I am about monitoring her online activity – especially Facebook – for the mere fact that her best friend’s mother doesn’t see the importance of her monitoring her 14yo’s Facebook.

This mother feels her daughter is entitled to privacy – something her parents didn’t give her much of when she was a teen.  In turn, it makes me look bad to my daughter because I won’t give her that same privacy that her best friend has.

Well, this particular episode of Dr. Phil confirmed that what I am doing is not out of line.  This mom and dad were wanting to get the word out how if they had only been aware of what was taking place on their daughter’s Facebook – that she may be alive today.  You see, this 15yo  (same age as my daughter) had a lot of friends on Facebook – friends she just clicked yes to when they requested her as a friend.  Sadly though – one of those friends was not a teenager at all.  This friend actually stalked her, kidnapped her from her home and then killed her.  And this happened ONE state over from where we live.

Just because teens are at the age they begin to need privacy – doesn’t mean they can conquer the world.   It also doesn’t mean that they are street-wise enough to know when danger is lurking.  It also doesn’t mean that they make good choices…heck some adults don’t make very good choices.   And internet safety – isn’t where they need to go it alone.

So, regardless of what my daughter thinks about me being up her butt, or what other parents think about kids needing their privacy – I am going to continue to do my job to protect my daughter from the World Wide Web, and the crazies that lurk on it, to the best of my ability!

I would never forgive myself if something happened to my daughter.  Someday – I will have to let go, but when that time comes I will know in my heart that I did what needed to be done for my daughter’s safety.  I am the one responsible for her until she is 18.  And, I will know that she will have the tools behind her to monitor her own safety because I will have educated her through the years.  I also intend on educating her on online dating and the safety of – she needs to learn about it whether or not she ever does it.

How did YOU – or will you – teach your children to surf the web safely?

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