Apr 032013
green choice carpet cleaner

I am one to advocate for one to do things themselves. It doesn’t matter if it’s filing papers in court or representing themselves, or if it’s doing their own painting instead of hiring a painter, or even if it may be cleaning their own carpets rather than hiring a Green Choice carpet cleaner.

With that being said, I also get that one may not be able to do things themselves especially if they haven’t the time or the health that’s needed.  Doing what one can though, can save money and save one from exposing their home to strangers or their lives to what may seem like the world.

I also think that their are those times that just make sense for one to hire someone because of certain circumstances surrounding the situation. For instance – maybe someone doesn’t own a carpet cleaner and may not have a real long-term need for buying one. Or maybe the carpet needs cleaning for an unexpected guest coming to visit within the next week. In these cases, it could be most beneficial for one to hire a carpet cleaner.

Speaking of the need to hire a carpet cleaner company – I had no idea that “green” carpet cleaning companies existed. I just learned of the Green Choice Carpet Cleaner Company. I don’t believe we have one where I live. But if there were one – and I found it to be where I couldn’t clean my carpets myself using a green carpet cleaning solution – I certainly would hire a company like this over the traditional carpet cleaning companies that I am aware of such as Stanley Steamer. Sure Stanley Steamer steams the carpet – but what about the chemicals they use on stains and in high traffic areas?

I say this because I truly believe that all these chemicals in our environment – whether we use them directly or indirectly – they are killing us or causing humans to have a multitude of medical issues. Many of the chemicals used are carcinogens (cancer causing). We breathe them. Our bodies come in contact them directly through bare feet, hands etc. and even through stocking feet.

There isn’t a single company that can tell me that once a carpet is cleaned that the carpet is left completely dry. And there’s no way that pets or humans don’t come in contact with these “just” cleaned carpets. Plus, who knows what these chemicals do to us when they are dry? Just think – there’s now paint on the market that reduces or eliminate VOC gases. This tells me that someone has determined that these gases aren’t good for us humans. So, if I had to hire a painter – I would pick out low or no VOC paints for the painter to paint my house with.

Basically, if there are ways to help reduce all these chemicals around me – I’ll do what I can.  What are your thoughts on a green carpet cleaner – on green anything?  I’d love to hear them!

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  1. Sounds like a great company!

  2. I’m all for using fewer chemicals.I’m very chemical sensitive and get ill from certain cleansers.

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