May 192015

Gold Macbook Giveaway


Prize: Gold Macbook ($1299 value)

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Giveaway organized by: Oh My Gosh Beck! (Please email with any questions.)

Rules: Use the Rafflecopter form to enter daily. Giveaway ends 6/15 and is open worldwide. Winner will be notified via email.

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Good Luck!

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  1. I got my tropicals planted in the ground, finally!

  2. I talked to my mom this morning.

  3. I finally got my Dishwasher repaired today…that’s a good thing 🙂

  4. i got my prescriptions in the mail today–hip-hip-hurray

  5. I had a call from my son this morning.

  6. Just wanted to let you know that the “Pinterest Follows #2 isn’t working properly 🙂

    • Thank you for letting us know that. I will contact the person who set the giveaway up and let her know so she can fix the issue.

  7. I got to sleep in!

  8. I was able to take a quick shower when my baby took a nap. Yay lol!

  9. Honestly, the only good thing that has happened today is that we’re having beautiful weather!

  10. One good thing that happened today is we finished painting our house so the man can come do the roof tomorrow.

  11. The sun was shining on this beautiful day!

  12. Well, one good thing that happened today is the fact that I didn’t have to get up early! That certainly made me happy!

  13. Working the graveyard shift and almost done!!

  14. woke up this mourning –that was good…

  15. I got my garden started today.

  16. I reconnected with an old friend I haven’t spoken to in years.

  17. The sun is shining and it’s a beautiful day.

  18. I had enough of my favorite cereal for one last serving!

  19. I was able to do all my errands before work!!

  20. My last workday of the week tonight then hello weekend!

  21. I got a job 🙂

  22. I saved 30% at CVS today on my purchases

  23. Today is my 33rd wedding anniversary

  24. well i won five dollars on the mega millions ticket…..three dollars a-head

  25. I got to Skype with my grandkids today <3

  26. It didn’t rain (and prevent me from working in the garden)

  27. Went on a dinner date with the hubs!

  28. My son called me this morning just to say hi

  29. It rained on my newly planted garden. A good thing!

  30. Grand kids came over to visit!!

  31. Thankful for all the men and women who serve this country!

  32. happy memorial day–thats whats happening today

  33. I had a nice visit with my neighbor.

  34. My husband and I had a nice long walk this morning

  35. We were able to gather with family for this years Memorial day!

  36. wee– i get paid tonight at midnight…thats good

  37. The local wild flock of monk parrots came and fed at my feeder while I was outside.

  38. this is a great day–i got paid ….now to the grocery store-whoop!!

  39. Another sunny day to be happy for!

  40. started work on my garden this morning

  41. My sister called!

  42. i am going to the doctor to get my pain medicine precription

  43. My Mom called and asked me to lunch

  44. I made a long trip to a farmers market grocery and found some incredible buys.

  45. my coffee pot worked again

  46. My husband and son got off to Scout camp on time and now I have the whole day to myself.

  47. i won 290.00 on the pick three lottery

  48. i got my flexarial pills this mourning, that was great

  49. Going to the pool with my baby this afternoon!!

  50. My daughter received an excellent grade!

  51. I got an extra hour sleep 🙂

  52. I got a check from dreamfield pasta for $28.35 today from a class action lawsiut-whoop

  53. The rain in Texas has stopped and the knee high grass is finally mowed! Woot!

  54. I made it to work on time!!

  55. My banana trees that I have been waiting on arrived!!

  56. i got up and i am alive-thats great

  57. One good thing that happened today was I got my gardeen all weeded.

  58. I got mint and cintronella planted to help control the mosquiots!

  59. my apartment is getting sprayed today, that good

  60. I am off of work for 4 days!!

  61. i went and bought groceries this mourning, thats good for me….now i can eat and enter more giveaways and sweepstakes and get crumbs on my laptop….

  62. I made it through the day!

  63. I made the love of my life breakfast and he said it was “deee-licious”

  64. Took a nice walk

  65. Slept in till 10 am 🙂

  66. My asparagus plants began sprouting!

  67. Granddaughters visited!!

  68. Going downtown DC today 🙂

  69. Very productive this morning!

  70. My daughter come over with mu grandbabies!!

  71. Today I’ve found that amazing giveaway 🙂

  72. I found a bunch of plants reduced down to a dollar at Lowe’s!

  73. Just found out going to Orlando in July!!

  74. had breakfast with my pregnant grand-daughter

  75. Going to the pool in a little.

  76. Getting better from a cold yay!

  77. i got out of serving jury duty today-whoop

  78. My garden got rain today 🙂

  79. Had time for a mani pedi

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