BTS Tech Sweepstakes FB Follow Page


If you’re a fan of the following pages on Facebook, you’re entitled to the 10 free entries in the BTS Tech Sweepstakes. If not, you can become one here.

Click on each link in the Rafflecopter form below to see if you’re a fan or become a new one.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

buzzoole code

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  1. I am assuming that desafiosia is actually Desafio which I am following. There does not appear to be anything else that is close. Thank you.

  2. desafiosia doesnt work i google it came up as Desafio with the desafiosia name in the link n the page isnt found on facebook

  3. I have no idea which Desi… to follow on Facebook. I wish that link was fixed, I can’t track it down.

    • Jennifer – thanks for letting me know that you were having issues. I contacted the person who set up the giveaway and that entry has been removed.

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