Aug 102011
Have you ever received a gift card that you just won’t use?  Did you know you can turn them into cash?  You can get up to 90% of the value of the card by selling it to Gift Card Rescue.  In addition, you can purchase gift cards at a discount through their site – up to a 30% discount.  Right now, they have Kohl’s  gift cards at an 18% discount.  Shipping is free.

So just think…you plan ahead say for a birthday, Christmas (even your own shopping), or even back to school shopping and purchase a gift card at a discounted price – you’ve saved money. Then you shop at the store where you have the gift card and hit a great sale – you’ve saved again.  But before shopping online at that store, check out ebates or mrrebates to see if they offer any cash back by clicking through their site to the store…if so, you’ve saved again.  And should you pay with a credit card or debit card that offers rewards – you’ve furthered sweetened the deal.

Another thought – Do you have kids that play sports?  I noticed they have cards right now for Dick’s Sporting Goods at a 12% discount.  If you purchase a card now, you’ll be that much ahead of the game come sports time.

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