Sep 292011
A while ago I wrote a post on Gift Card Rescue.  If you missed that, you can read it {here}.  Well, right now, Gift Card Rescue has a deal going on for 17% off JC Penney Gift Cards.

How can this help YOUR wallet?
1. Say they have a gift card with a $100 value on it.    $100
2. You get 17% off the purchase of that gift card          -17
3. This brings the cost of this gift card to:                   $ 83

Good enough.  But don’t stop there!

Now use this gift card to purchase Christmas presents, birthday presents, anytime presents – during a sale.  However, to get even more for your money…click that mouse and shop online.  Before heading straight to the JC Penney website, click-thru one of the cash back sites listed on this page, or one of your choice.  Now shop and you’ll get yourself cash back on your purchase.  Before cashing out, be sure that you’ve checked the web to see if there are any coupon or promo codes available to use during the check out process.  If you aren’t sure how to do this {read this}.

In addition, JC Penney’s will often send out emails with $5 or $10 off a purchase.  They tend to come out often during the holiday season. There are times when they will send out an email with a code for free shipping with no minimum.

Happy Shopping!

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