Feb 132014

Did you know that you can get creative with Blurb?

You can make your own book just like Kal.  Let yourself get creative.  Take a look at what Kal has accomplished using the Blurb Platform:

Getting creative with Kal Barteski: A self-publishing success story

  Blurb author Kal Barteski is a maker extraordinaire whose creativity knows no bounds. She’s a working designer, painter, storyteller, book creator, TEDx speaker, and calligrapher who can now add “video star” to her resumé with the first of our Canadian book-maker profiles. Watch the first installment in our Canadian Author video series with a wild look at Kal’s creativity. We think you’ll be inspired to make your own book with Blurb.

 Now through February 28, 2014 – new customers can take 15% off their first purchase – simply click this link >>Save 15% on your first purchase with Blurb

  5 Responses to “Get Creative with Blurb – Make Your Own Book”

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  1. I want to publish my own book one day… one day!

  2. I had no idea that making your own book was so easy and possible!! Thanks for the great info. #SITSblogging

  3. Love Blurb! Such beautiful books and great prices. Good reminder to get started on my next book.

  4. Love Blurb! Such beautiful books and great prices. Good reminder to start my next book.

  5. What a great find to stumble upon today – I’d never heard of blurb but I have seen Kal’s artwork…. everywhere (on Pinterest!) How fun to know that she uses blurb. I’m totally going to check them out, as well as more of your site! Happy to find you.


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