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The old adage goes – take care of it and it will take care of you.  I find this adage to be very true.  I own things that are over 30 yrs old – all because I’ve taken care of them.  The same holds true with appliances, automobiles, your body, and more.  You take care of these possessions and they will stay with you for a long time, most generally.

Speaking of appliances – did you know that Frigidaire is more than just appliances? It is also about providing the necessary resources to keep the appliances in excellent working order. Parts wear out from time to time, and when they do, it does not necessarily render the appliance useless. Swapping out a filter once in a while will give the appliance renewed vigor and add life to its time of service. There are also add on options that will make an appliance more functional. Using Frigidaire parts allows the customer to solicit customer support in the event of questions or seek advice if there is a question about what parts are necessary to get the job done.

Frigidaire parts are not just for replacement when they wear out, but parts can be swapped out to make the appliance performance more efficient. For instance, Frigidaire makes ice maker installation kits that allow the customer always to have fresh ice cubes on hand at all times. Laundry time can be made less distracting with shake way pads. The shake way pads are placed under the slide under the legs of the washer and dryer and reduce any vibration noise and return calm and order to the house while doing the laundry task.

The kits include all the necessary parts to complete the project, including power cords if it is an electrical add on. The kits also include step by step directions that the most inexperienced do it yourself home owner can understand. Frigidaire also carries the touch up pens that can used to eliminate unsightly scratches. The pen is easy to use and will cover scratches with an even distribution or black or white paint. The product will not drip, and it will dry in a few minutes. The paint helps to keep the appliances looking showroom new.

The Frigidaire repertoire of products include a line of green based products that are used to remove dry food, spills and dirt and grime from hand prints. The products are biodegradable and non toxic and provide exceptional dependability, quality and value. The products are also safe to use in homes where pets and children reside. The products contain no colors, dyes or fragrances and are safe to be used around food preparation surfaces.

To maximize time in the kitchen, Frigidaire offers a line of food preparation utensils to help the cook maximize time in the kitchen. The utensils include silicone food loops, potholders and trivets and a variety of food storage containers that can be used in the refrigerator, as well as freezer.

I had no idea Frigidaire carried such a product line.  Had you any idea that Frigidaire stood for so much?

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  1. I didn’t know a lot of things mentioned here about Frigidaire. Informative post.. and I agree with that adage!

  2. Wow, I only thought that they were appliances! Thank you for posting this.

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