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freya review

Freya Arctic Cleansing Water Review

freya arctic cleansing water review

I didn’t see the importance of caring for my skin when I was younger but now wished I had.  The aging process comes upon us faster than one would like to think.  Did you know that the neck is the first thing to show signs of aging?  Yup – it sure is.  And now I am on a mission to find great anti-aging products for myself that my teen can use as well.  Therefore when I was asked if I’d like to review a Freya product I was all over it.  I actually received Freya Arctic Cleansing Water.

About the Product

Freya’s Arctic Cleansing Water is one of the many proprietary blended products manufactured by Freya.  This product’s proprietary blend is of sea salts, minerals and Arctic antioxidants.  The cleansing water is designed to rejuvenate the skin, leaving it clean and refreshed without drying the skin out – containing LEXA™.   LEXA™ is a breakthrough discovery of the Scandinavian scientists and is an potent, skin-rejuvenating complex.  The cleansing water is colorless, odorless, and I would describe its consistency as being a light-weight gel.

How to Use the Cleansing Water

The cleanser is extremely easy to use.  Simply squirt some on a cosmetic pad or cotton ball.  Next massage the cleansing water onto your entire face and neck areas.  That’s it – no rinsing required.

Our Findings

So myself and my teen have been using this product on our face/neck areas for about two weeks now.  OK – me, more so than her!  That’s not much time to see if it will work in helping the aging process; however it is time gained had we had not used the product.

It is stated that this product doesn’t need to be rinsed off the face and neck, which for me, worked.  However, for my teen, she did not like the feel that it left on her skin.  Since she doesn’t wear any kind of facial make-up other than blush, I would venture to say that having that extra layer felt a bit off (a bit heavy) on her skin.  Needless to say, she chose to wash her face after using the cleansing water.  However, she really liked the silky feel it left on her skin even after she rinsed it off.  My skin was left feeling soft and silky as well.  I felt like my skin had a sense of really being clean after using it.

Now to show you how well it cleans – are you ready for this?  I had my teen use the cleansing water after a day of being at school and then coming home and taking a nap.  This is what the tissue looked like:

freya arctic cleansing water review


DON’T be alarmed by that purple!  That purple is actually left over hair dye she had on her face from over a week ago (keep reading).  She wanted to dye her hair purple and she wanted to do it all by herself – so I let her.  That was mistake number one – as when she was done – the white tub was a grayish purple and it still lends a gray tinge after several cleanings.   And as for her – take a look:

purple hair freya cleansing water review

Yes, this is what she came out of the shower looking like!  So she then asks me – how am I going to get this purple off me?   I said – I-I- I…..dunno.  I asked her how she manage to get the dye all over her like she did – what happened to using the gloves?  She says, “I did…but not in the shower.”  I told her she’d have to try some conditioner or maybe try some lotion.  I then went onto saying that maybe she should try the cleansing water.

And guess what?  It was the Freya Arctic Cleansing Water that removed all that purple from her skin….well, so we thought it had.  Apparently though, there was still some residue left on her skin that wasn’t visible to the eye.  That purple is what you see in the photo of the tissues above!  You can also see the dirt and oils that came off her face since she left for school….pretty nasty eh?!

Now after trying the Freya Arctic Cleansing Water – I really would like to put the intensive anti-aging serum to the test.  I’m real intrigued by that product and considering how well this cleansing water worked – I anticipate the anti-aging serum would be a top-notch product as well.

About Freya

Capturing the purest resources of the Scandinavian arctic climate, combined with 30 years of skincare research and using stem cell technology – Freya brings advanced skincare that’s clinically proven to drastically reduce the signs of aging.  It increases the skins vitality, tone, texture and delicate tissue. The company is based in the United States.

In addition to the Arctic Cleansing Water Freya also has firming eye cream, hydrating day cream, intensive anti-aging serum, restorative night cream as well as one can purchase the complete regimen.

Freya can be found on Facebook and Twitter.  Head on over to the Freya website to read up on all the other products they offer.  The resources they use in their products is amazing.  You can also purchase their products right on their website and they have Personal Consultants that connects you to one of their specialists, should you need/want assistance.

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  1. This sounds like a wonderful product, thank you for sharing with us.


  3. I bet this is one of the best cleansers out there with all their research behind the product

  4. This product seems good.

  5. Great review! and wow you are a cool Mom to let your daughter dye her hair purple. I love it! visiting from #SITSBlogging

  6. Skin care as we age has definitely become a concern for me as well, but it’s about that purple! My daughter did that with blue last year and oh man, that took forever to clear up,LOL.

  7. Ok yuou sold me lol. Hey I am 52, my teen is 14. (Were not going there ok lol) anyway, I didnt know about the neck area. My neck isnt my problem lol its the wrinkles!!! LOL LOL. My daughter doesnt listen when I tell her to start using something on her bueatiful face. Ok I clean houses, use Majic eraser, it will come off the tub 🙂 DONT use it on her face tho lol lol.

  8. Wow what a difference! I grew up with a really intense skin regimen. My aunt had this fixation which she made me endure whenever I visited. She was not big on products, but used natural mainstays instead. We began this process before my teen years were in sight. Needless to say I thank her everyday for planting the seeds of proper skincare within me. Good luck on the new product!

  9. I would love to try it!

  10. Can you purchase the products? I can’t seem to locate where. The website doesn’t work.

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