Feb 202011

I was just reading Freebies by Snail Mail Facebook Wall. There’s a post for Free TXTNG KLLS Bands one can request. You may order up to five (5) and they come in various sizes.  What a great way to remind everyone NOT to text while driving!

Texting does kill…no one is excluded from this happening to them, or being the victim of someone’s else need to text while driving. Let me share a story, very true at that, which happened last November 2010.  

I have a son with severe disabilities and I was headed to a Dr.’s appt. with him, and his support person from Easter Seals, in the Easter Seals Wheelchair accessible Van.  This particular day we needed to take the highway to get to where we needed to be.  It was raining…not just misting but raining.  The roads were very wet and congested with traffic. My son’s support person was on his cell as he was driving to the appointment.  We meet with the doctor and get back on the road.  Again heading home on the highway… which is wet and congested and his support person had that cell to ear checking his voice mails etc. for a good portion of our drive home.

Now…he had been spoken to before about having that cell to ear all the time when driving my son around, but obviously…it didn’t matter to him.  Well, when I got home I was fuming! How dare he drive around with that phone to ear, ignoring my concerns.  Two days later…I was informed from a very reliable source he also texts while he drives…with my son in the van!  I told Easter Seals they needed to replace this man as my son’s support person or I was taking him out of their program.  He was replaced.

But…that very same day another person died…another teens life wasn’t spared from cell phone use while driving.  She was traveling in Maine, in pouring rain, on the highway. She crashed…she died…she was texting at the time of the crash.  Such a waste of a young woman’s life who had everything going for her.

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