Nov 202012

Snag yourself a FREE Treat Card TODAY ONLY 11/20!   Send any card for any occasion and it will be free today.  With so many choices available – you’ll have no problem finding one to send.  Enter promo code: TREATDOD.

*Please note – this post has been updated.  Earlier today it read a Free Tiny Prints Card and it was actually a link for Treat and should be for the Treat website.

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  1. FYI they are called Treat now (at least your link takes you to Treat’s site) and I do believe you have to have a coupon code to get the freebie. Not sure what the code is but saw it floating around the net yesterday. Know that it does expire today though.

    • OK I am wrong…not sure what Treat used to be…but Tiny Prints still exists…sorry! Anyway…your link takes you to Treat. LOL What a mess I am today! Sorry for any confusion! Will you let me know when you get the link fixed and if you need a coupon code for the Tiny Prints free card please? Thanks SOOOO much!

  2. How/where does it say that the card is free? Is there a promo code somewhere?

  3. Thanks SOOOOO much!! and hey…what do you know…Treat and Tiny Prints ARE the same company so we were really BOTH right. hahahaah code worked perfectly!

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