Feb 202012
Totally FREE SILK SCARF for New Members at Sneakpeeq.

What is Sneakpeeq?

Sneakpeeq is on online social media marketplace, where you can find great items at amazing prices. You’ll be thrilled at the hot deals you can find! (Hint, keep “peeqing” around to get additional $$’s, nothing like free money!)

The basic premise: You see an item that you like, and you click a “Peeq” button to flip the price tag around. Sneakpeeq also offers a new badge and point system when you peeq!

A scarf is a magical accessory, able to take you from “big meeting at work” to “best friend’s bridal shower.” Wear one to remember what sneakpeeq is all about: new finds, new deals, new looks, and new friends every day!

The versatility is endless. Fold one in half to create a triangle, then tie it behind your neck to create a chic cowgirl look. For a more traditional look, roll it up into a long rectangle and tie it around your neck—let the ends flow freely. Tie it around your hair as a headband, or loop it around your belt: you’ll marvel at this little accessory that can do it all!

Here’s how to get your FREE (ships free) Silk Scarf:

  • Sign up {HERE} using the pink button to log in and create your account.
  • After you sign up, use your badges to get the free scarf.
  • When you’re done claiming your free scarf, continue to ‘peeq’ around the site.  New users are limited to the number of ‘peeqs’ but the more you participate, the more ‘peeqs’ you’ll  earn.  Most items are discounted at over 70%.
  • If you have trouble claiming your free scarf – try this:  Check you’re email.  You may have one telling you where to find the badge.

It that is not enough, sneakpeeq.com is offering over 50% off and FREE SHIPPING on the hottest Yes To beauty products! THREE Yes To Carrots Color Balm Sticks in Soft Plum, Rosy Bloom, and Peachy Keen! ONE pack of Yes ToCucumbers hypoallergenic facial towelettes! This perfect life-on-the-go beauty set retails for $25. Only $12 with NEW MEMBER $10 CREDIT! We GUARANTEE the BEST PRICE on this bundle!

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