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When my daughter was small I looked for fun ways to get her excited for Christmas. Although she’s older now (14) – she still gets a kick out of the things that I come up with. Here are a few ways to get your kids hyped up….and you can even do these on Christmas Eve or Christmas Eve day.  The cards that you send can be opened on Christmas.

1. Send them or let them send a Disney Holiday e-Card
2. Send a FREE Lego Santa YodaeCard (A Free Toy Will Be Donated To The Toys For Tots Program)
3. Create a Free Personalized Santa Video from these two sites – each site has their own style
   (1) Personalized Video from Santa at the Magic Santa*
   (2) personalized video from Santa at the Portable North Pole.
*Option #1 takes you to a link on this site which gives you instructions on how to save your video to your PC free and the link to the site where you can create your video .
4. Check out Santa feeding the reindeer!
5. Show them the countdown to Santa’s arrival, follow Santa on his journey Christmas Eve and many other activities for the kiddos at  This site was amazing for making my daughter want to go to bed.  When she was shown where Santa was and where he was headed next – all I would have to do is say he’s coming to the United States – we better go to bed or he won’t stop here – worked every time!
6. Write Santa a letter and leave it on the table with milk and cookies, along with carrots for the reindeer.
7. Santa always left a letter for my daughter on the table.  I have stored these in her memory box I will give her when she turns 18. Sometimes Santa borrowed our computer to type his letter to her – didn’t matter whether the letter was hand written or typed – she enjoyed getting them left for her and always went straight to the table to see if one was left for her by the plate of food she had left for him – before heading to the tree!

8.  Make Snowy Santa Tracks for the Kids to Wake Up To – simply cut a shoe shape out of cardboard for your template. You’ll need the inside of the shoe shape cut out.   Then lie the template on the floor and sprinkle baby powder (or flour) in the open area of the template.  Voila! Santa’s came and had snow on his boots :).

9. Make a Holiday JibJab e-Cards Starring you, them or friends and relatives – these are too funny!

10. iCaughtSanta – Create a Memorable Keepsake Photo – this one isn’t free but is VERY cool.  For $9.99 you get one photo of Santa (using your own photo…so it would be a picture after Santa left all his gifts or heading in to put them under the tree.  For $24.99 you’ll get 4 photos and 1 video.

Most importantly – make lasting memories that you’ll all cherish forever.  You can’t turn back time.

Merry Christmas!

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  1. Excellent post! I thought about doing a posting with a bunch of this and didn't get it together. So glad you did it!

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