Jan 082012
When I think of my vehicle being rescued by a towing company, I always hope a flatbed truck will be coming to my rescue.  Luckily for me, most service stations in my area now own these flatbeds, but there are still quite a few that do not.  Personally, I just feel it is less stress on my vehicle if my vehicle can be hauled off that way to my home or a repair shop.  However, there are many other reasons you may need to hire a flatbed trucking company to haul something.

One thought that comes to mind – what if you want to transport several cars from one state to another due to a move.  I would much rather have them all on a flatbed than being towed one by one.  Another reason one might want a flatbed is for transporting an antique vehicle.  Then there are bigger reasons to utilize a flatbed trucking company such as moving a mobile or manufactured home.  What one needs to remember though is there are many different types of flatbeds and not all flatbeds are able to transport the same things.  Think about what you will be needing such as a flatbed with an extendable bed.  Alternatively, maybe a stretch flatbed.  Do you homework before hiring a company to make sure you will get the right flatbed for the job needed.

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