Sep 272011

Okay…so I am a bit wishing I had seen this website before now.  My father-in-law is going through horrible 100% Oxygen Treatments because he has a broken tooth in his mouth.  Normally, this would be no big thing for most of us, but for him…he had underwent basal tongue cancer treatments a few years ago and it ruined his teeth because the treatments left him with no saliva.

To make a long story short, why the dentist who went to pull this tooth didn’t have him go to an oral surgeon first – I’ll never understand.  Instead this dentist…knowing Pa’s history….chose to try to remove the tooth himself…breaking it further.  That’s when he decided Pa needed an oral surgeon.  The oral surgeon told him he couldn’t do a thing for him until he underwent the oxygen treatments.  This is because if he attempted to take the tooth out…Pa’s jaw bone would shatter.  Not cool!

If I had realized I could have gone to this website and would have been able to save Pa a lot of pain he’s in now with this broken tooth!  He still has 3.5 weeks left of treatments before anything can be done for this tooth!

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  1. im currently trying to find the right dentist for my daughter. thanks for this information

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