Dec 062012
Find me if you can book review

No, no, no!  You’re not going to find me!  It’s a book titled “Find Me If You Can!” and I’ve reviewed it for you!

Kids, especially small children, love to look at pictures of themselves.  Find Me If You Can!, by Bammco, is designed for your child to find the pictures of themselves on the pages.  One could say, the book is designed a lot like ‘I Spy’ books, but customized for your child.

Your child’s picture replaces this child’s picture on the Intro page.

The spiral bound, hard-covered book has thirty (30) 8 1/2 by 11″, heavy-duty, high gloss colorful pages.  Each page has a caption at the bottom that rhyme.  For instance, when one opens the book to page #1, page #2 is viewed at the same time.  Page #1 has a caption of….”Colorful pictures in this book…’ (see below) and page #2 (opposite page) has ‘Take your time and really look.”  The two pictures on each page are similar; but not exact.  The following sets of pages are different…like page #3 and #4 have baseballs with children’s faces throughout with a rhyming caption.

The beauty of this book is that your child’s picture is throughout the book.  You choose the picture you want displayed in the book and upload it to the Bammco website.  In fact, you can choose up to five images.  This book would make a great keepsake.  Grandparents, parents, your children when they get older, their children and on down the line, would get many years of enjoyment from this book.   In addition – “Find Me If You Can!” makes a fun learning tool to add to your child’s library.

The book is designed to stimulate your child’s mind in good ways:

  • It requires concentration and focus.
  • The fun and rhyming phrases will help teach your children to identify words – there are many ‘sight words’ throughout the book.
  • The book helps to teach them what rhyming means – a basic fundamental of the English language.
  • The colorful pages stimulate the mind and keep the child interested in the book.
  • The colorful pages can help them identify colors.
  • Practicing counting objects can be accomplished.

There’s a lot of bang for the buck when you purchase this book.  Follow Bammco along on Facebook – read their wall to see what other individuals have to say about the book.

Would you like to win one?  Here’s your chance!  Bammco has sponsored a giveaway for Finger Click Saver’s readers.

***However, should you not want to wait until the giveaway is over, Bammco is offering a promo code for 10% off your order, valid for the next seven (7) days!  Simply enter the promo code – freefing – at checkout to snag the savings!

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  1. My day is great. Rainy, but the perfect day for pajamas!

  2. Thanks for the warm fuzzies! Love your style and the persona of your blog. Have a fantastic weekend!

  3. Finally feeling a little better from the flu and got out of the house for the first time in two weeks- so my day was good!

  4. Finally feeling a little better from the flu and got out of the house for the first time in two weeks- so my day was good!

  5. Great thanks ! Its Sunday football day !!!!!!!!!

  6. Great day at home cleaning and dinner with friends later!

  7. We are just over the upper resp stuff that our whole family got and so thankful to be well again and now can start prepping for Christmas! We are so excited about this time of year. I love to watch the children’s faces light up with joy!!!

  8. Thanks for the well wishes. Another day of fun with my 7 month old as a stay at home mom! This book would be so fun for her when she gets a bit older. 🙂

    • The book would be a lot of fun for her. I gave mine to a 4yr old – I’m not sure who loved it more – the parents or the child! Enjoy every moment you have with your precious baby – time goes waaaay too fast 🙁 I keep telling my daughter, now 15, that I want to shrink her…she refuses!

  9. no matter how bad my day is.. i get through it by remembering just how grateful and lucky i am to be alive. i was diagnosed with esophagus cancer last year. had surgery and am recouperating from it. as of oct this year . my last petscan shows im cancer free!!! only 1 out of 5 ppl diagnosed with it survives.. so i consider myself the lucky ONE!!! 🙂 enjoy your holidays !!!!

  10. My day was okay… nice of your to ask us all and love your positive attitude for a better 2013!!!!!

  11. Finally beat that flu virus. I spent the day putting up the tree and decorations and cleaning up around the house, then fixed suppa!

  12. Had a really nice day. Church, then lunch, the lazy:)

  13. Very uneventful day, inside all day watching movies with the family.

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