Oct 132017

Eye-Vac Pet Giveaway

A Stationary Vacuum ARV $129

Sponsored by: Eye-Vac Hosted by: Powered by Mom

What a great tool to add to your cleaning regimen…simplicity all the way.  No more bending over several times a day sweep the debris into a dustpan – sweep the debris right into the vac and empty when full.

The EyeVac Pet and EyeVac home are both a Powered by Mom 2017 Holiday Gift Guide Pick. Stop by our Gift Guide to see some other fabulous gift ideas.

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About the Eye-Vac Pet

Eye-Vac Pet contains a powerful 1400 watt motor that vacuums all forms of hair, dirt, dust and debris. Eye-Vac’s sensors use the latest infrared technology to automatically activate the vacuum when hair, dirt, dust, or debris breaks the infrared beams. Eye-Vac’s dual air filtration, including a HEPA exhaust filter, ensures the return of clean air to the environment.

The Eye Vac Pet is always on and ready to go with its infrared sensors that will activate the Eye-Vac automatically. It fits into your surroundings so you don’t have to put it away and with its 1400 wat motor it removes 100% of dust, hair and debris with just a sweep of a broom.

Here’s your chance to win an Eye-Va Pet valued at $129. Enter on the Giveaway Tools Below.

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  12 Responses to “Eye-Vac Pet Giveaway – A Stationary Vacuum ARV $129”

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  1. Oh wow, this is amazing! With two large labs that have long hair…we have to clean our floors almost daily here. I would love this for the dog hair!!! What an amazing product!

  2. I would love to win this because I have a disability that prevents me from bending alot and this would help me a great deal

  3. I would love to win, I have a cat and two dogs. What a great why to help keep up with the pet hair.

  4. Love to give this handy tool a try looks very interesting and would be so good for many jobs around the house

  5. I would love to have this Eye Vac Pet to use in my office to keep the floor free of dog hair.

  6. I want to win because i have a hairy dog! LOL

  7. i would totally use this in my kitchen! thats the only place i constantly have to sweep!

  8. Wow, I’d love to try Eye Vac Pet in my home! I have a couple health conditions that make it hard to vacuum every day and this could help me keep up with the doggie hair they give me every day. Rasha n Poncho say woof woof

  9. This is a pet owners dream! I’d love to win as I have seven kitties. Keeping up with fur, dander and such is very hard. This would help so much around the bedroom as all the kitties sleep on the bed, this would cut down on the fur which manages to stick to everything.

  10. I would love because my crazy boxer is always bringing in dirt and hair eveey where. This would be a life savor.

  11. This would be great in my house with kids and pets!

  12. I would love this. My cat sheds so bad and leaves litter on the floor all the time. It would be great in the dining room which is between the litterbox and food bowl

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