Apr 302013
benefits of omega 3 krill oil

When I was asked if I’d like to review Everest Nutrition Krill Oil – I was more than happy to do so. I had heard there were benefits of omega 3 krill oil but didn’t realize there was such a difference between fish oil vs. krill oil until performing this review.  You see, I have been wanting to try Krill Oil for some time now to see if I would experience any side effects before I combined it with a few other nutritional supplements in which I was going to give to my daughter in hopes to ease her ADD and anxiety issues.

Krill Oil specifically contains Omega-3’s and Everest Krill Oil is said to contain 300mg, along with 165mg EPA and 95 DHA, which is more potent over other brands of Krill Oil.

Take a look at what Krill Oil has been confirmed to have the ability to do:

  • Improve memory and brain function
  • Reduce heart disease
  • Regulate cholesterol levels
  • Lower risk of arthritis
  • Lower the risk of cancer
  • Improve moods
  • Comfort during menstruation – reducing PMS
  • Boosts Energy
  • Reduce early aging skin lines

Krill Oil is safe for children and adults alike.  My sister’s severely autistic grandson who is about 7 years old – takes this and other nutritional supplements to aid in managing his autism.  I am currently taking the Everest Nutrition Krill Oil and thus far, I have had no side effects – no fish burps, no sulfur burps, no unpleasant after tastes – nothing. I’m impressed, as sulfur burps tend to visit me quite often when I eat shelled seafood.  Sulfer burps were my main concern when I began taking the Krill Oil.

Now that I have tested out this Krill Oil – I feel it’s a safe bet to give this to my daughter.  In fact, I am thinking this Krill Oil would be a great supplement for me long term given the benefits of the supplement.

I was provided a bottle of Krill Oil from Everest Nutrition to aid in facilitating this review through a BlogFriendlyPR campaign.  All opinions are 100% those of FCS.

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  1. Reduce signs of aging in the skin? Improve memory? How can yoU NOT want to take supplement that may do that and more? Sign me up for a lifetime’s worth!

  2. I know right MD?! My skin seems to be headed on a downward spiral – FAST! And my memory – isn’t all that far behind some days.

  3. I am going to run and buy this supplement. As I get older my skin shows the signs of aging and as far as my memory goes, it is like a sieve….thanks for sharing this great product.

  4. wow krill oil? I’ve heard of omega 3 oil but didn’t know they offered this, ha. thanks for posting.

  5. I didn’t realize it was so different from fish oil. I may need to take this to help with focusing. I am going to look for some today.

  6. Sounds pretty good. My diet isn’t the greatest. I could and should use supplements.

  7. I have been wanting to try Krill Oil for the longest time. This seems like a great brand to start with and I hope I get the benefits you mentioned, specifically boosting memory and regulating cholesterol. Thanks for the review

  8. Hmm maybe my husband should take this. He also have ADD. Thank you for the heads up.

    • It’s worth a try Shannon – I love the stuff 🙂 I also like Green Matcha Tea – I don’t know as if you’d get him to drink that though!

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